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Women should take off these three things when they sleep

Wear “watch” to sleep

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Some people like to wear a watch to sleep, which will not only shorten the life of the watch, but also not good for health.Because watches, especially luminous watch, have radiation radiation, although the amount is extremely small, experts believe that long -term accumulation can lead to bad consequences.

Wear “tooth” to sleep

Some people are used to wearing dentures to sleep in their sleep accidentally in their sleep. The iron hooks of dentures may pierce the aorta next to the esophagus, causing major bleeding or even life.Therefore, before going to bed, it is best to remove the dentures and clean it, which is good for oral hygiene and can sleep safely.

Wear “cover” to sleep

What’s more?

The survey shows that women who wear bras for more than 12 hours a day have more likely to suffer from breast cancer than those who wear short -term or do not wear bras at all.Women wear bras to show beauty or protect their breasts, and sleep at night is not necessary.

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