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Women with these symptoms basically have breast hyperplasia!Don’t say you didn’t

Many female friends will have front chest pain. Although the pain will disappear slowly after the menstruation is over, the pain on the chest on the chest is easy to worry about whether they are seriously ill.

For women, breast health is also the focus of attention, but people often confuse breast hyperplasia with breast cancer. In fact, what is the difference between the two?

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Will breast hyperplasia develop into breast cancer?

Speaking of breast hyperplasia, many people think of breast cancer. In fact, breast hyperplasia and breast cancer are not necessarily connected. The authoritative medical textbooks have long been not used as diseases. Breast hyperplasia is no longer a clear significance. Diagnosis.

Women with these symptoms basically have breast hyperplasia!Don't say you didn't

With the development of medicine, it is clearly known that there is no necessarily nodule when it feels, and the feeling of breast discomfort is not necessarily a problem with breast health. Most of the breast pain is physiological. Almost all women will encounter in their lives.

Breast cancer is often very quiet. Early smaller lesions may not be able to touch it at all. The lumps of breast cancer develop rapidly, which can significantly increase in a few weeks or months, and generally there is no pain.

Now, medical research has found that breast hyperplasia has nothing to do with breast health, and it has nothing to do with breast cancer. Breast cancer does not evolve from breast hyperplasia.

Breast hyperplasia is caused by female estrogen and progesterone disorders. The most common thing is that some women will feel tender pain before menstruation. If the pain disappears, it may be a breast hyperplasia.

Any factors that can change sex hormones may cause breast hyperplasia, such as age, menstrual history, breeding history, diet structure, emotional pressure, etc., breast hyperplasia is mostly in women 30 to 50 years old.

Symptoms of breast hyperplasia generally have chest pain and mammary masses, and some women also have nipples. The pain on the chest will be periodic. At first, the entire chest painful pain, the tenderness of the outer side and middle and upper part of the breast, the pain will be obvious. It will fade or disappear.

Women with these symptoms basically have breast hyperplasia!Don't say you didn't

The breast mass can also undergo cyclical changes. Generally, it also follows the changes in menstruation. It will harder before menstruation, and it will become softer after menstruation.

Breast hyperplasia does not have to be cured

In most cases, breast hyperplasia does not need to be treated. It is mainly related to endocrine. To control sexual life, it can avoid the occurrence of breast hyperplasia.

Emotional adjustment. Negative emotions such as anger and sadness will disturb the endocrine, while good mood is a good medicine for breast hyperplasia. It maintains a good mood for a long time, and the problem of breast hyperplasia will be solved.

Diet adjustment. Under the action of aromatic enzymes, fat can be converted into estrogen, and too much fat can cause breast hyperplasia. Therefore, eat less high -fat food and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Stay away from hormones. Some women will consume foods or medicines containing estrogen for a long time, and their estrogen will affect breast hyperplasia. Therefore, do not take health products containing hormones by themselves, and do not abuse drugs containing sex hormones such as contraceptives.

The rules of schedule. Staying up late, excessive pressure, long sedentary and other bad lifestyles can make endocrine easily disorders. Therefore, a combination of work and rest, maintaining sufficient sleep, and regular healthy healthy life can avoid endocrine disorders.

Select underwear. It is best not to choose too tight or too crowded underwear, otherwise it will affect the breast metabolism and lymphatic return, which is not conducive to breast health.

Women with these symptoms basically have breast hyperplasia!Don't say you didn't

Among women of childbearing age, 70%to 80%have different degrees of breast hyperplasia, but most of them are simple breast hyperplasia and generally do not cancer. However, atypical hyperplasia, also known as cystic breast hyperplasia, will have a cancer of 3%to 4%.

The end of the proliferation glandular catheter is highly expanded to form a cyst, and papillary tumors are formed in the catheter. Although the proportion is not high, it also needs to be treated as soon as possible.

To prevent breast cancer, in addition to preventing prevention in daily life, it is necessary to screen at least once a year in order to detect diseases and treat them early. High -risk people with a family history of breast cancer need to conduct a screening every six months.


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