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Women’s anemia has found colon cancer in more than a year?4 symptoms in early colon cancer, many people ignored it!

Speaking of “colorectal cancer”, people may not be familiar with, but with the changes in living habits and diet structure, colorectal cancer has become the third high incidence of malignant tumors in my country. Its incidence increases by about 4%per year, and it is becoming increasingly younger.



In the past, colon cancer was a problem that people over the age of 50 needed to worry about, but in recent years, there have been more and more young patients (≤ 40 years old). High degree of malignant, rapid progress, and poor prognosis.

In the past one year, Ms. Yang from Guangzhou often felt weak. She just started to find anemia at the hospital. It wasn’t until September this year that Ms. Yang began to have breath. After I went to the hospital for in -depth examination, I found that it was colon cancer!

Because it was found in time, Ms. Yang was still possibly cured in follow -up treatment. Therefore, early discovery of colon cancer is very important! So what are the early symptoms of colon cancer?

Like other cancers, the early symptoms of colon cancer are not obvious. Most symptoms are easily ignored. As the condition gradually develops, these phenomena may occur.

1. Lower abdominal pain

Patients with colon cancer have abdominal pain due to the lesions of intestinal tissue.

If the abdominal colic occurs, it may be due to intestinal obstruction.

2. Successive defecation

Some patients will have difficulty defecation. Because colon cancer tumors continue to increase, constipation will occur, or pus and blood occurs during defecation.

Due to the continuous increase of cancer tissue, there may be problems with intestinal function, and dilutes may also occur.

3. Abdominal mass

Patients with colon cancer will gradually appear in the abdomen with the increase of the tumor. These blocks are irregular and hard, and they will move in the early stage and will be fixed in the later stages.

4. Systemic symptoms

The digestion and absorption of intestinal diseases, some patients are severely thinner, and symptoms such as low fever and dehydration may also occur. Because of poor absorption, anemia may occur.

If you find long -term diarrhea or long -term constipation, you must go to the hospital for examination in time. If the abdominal pain or a small mass may also be caused by colon cancer.

If it can be discovered early, the 5 -year survival rate can reach more than 90 %.

Through screening, 39 % of early colon cancer can be greatly discovered and treated in time, which can greatly reduce the mortality rate. For these high -risk people of colon cancer, it is recommended to perform colonoscopy as soon as possible.

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