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Women’s bras are not paired, and they may cause trouble for themselves!There are 4 cases to change quickly

Some women will deliberately choose to wear a small one -size underwear in order to show the bumpy body effect, but one day, they can’t work.Therefore, for many female friends, the first thing to do every day is to get off the underwear and relieve the restraint!

It is true that the bras are the close -fitting clothes of female friends, but how to wear it comfortable seems to have become a problem for many people. Some people even proposed that people with bras are more likely to get breast cancer.

First, it is easy to get breast cancer when wearing the wrong bra?

Many women think that wearing bras is a kind of restraint, which will always squeeze breast cancer for a long time.In fact, it is not scientific to wear breast cancer correctly.

Women's bras are not paired, and they may cause trouble for themselves!There are 4 cases to change quickly

According to the data released by the China Anti -Cancer Association, China has become one of the countries with the fastest growth rate of breast cancer, but from the statistics of clinical data, there is no wearing underwear in the incidence of breast cancer.

In fact, long -term wearing the correct size underwear does not compress the breast, leading to breast disease, but it has a protective effect on breasts.If you wear incorrect underwear for a long time, such as too tight bras, you will squeeze the breasts, which may affect the blood flow of the chest and lymph, leading to breast hyperplasia, breast deformation and other diseases.

For a long time without wearing bras or too loose bras, it cannot have a supporting effect on the breast, which can easily lead to sagging breasts and affect the appearance.Patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer should pay more attention to wearing underwear. Try to choose bras with soft and comfortable, no steel rings, so as not to cause pain.

If it is a patient with breast surgery, it is not advisable to wear bras during the recovery period.Wearing the bras again needed to start slowly from steel -free bras to normal.



Second, these 4 wrong braching methods will cause a lot of trouble

Many women “put on the wrong” bra, but they did not know, but they laid a timing bomb for the breasts.

The bad number of the number of numbers

In order to achieve the effect of gathering, some women make their chest look upright, and they deliberately buy some small bras.But the tight bras can affect the blood and lymphatic tissue cycle of the breast, causing local ischemia.Long -term this will cause breast hyperplasia.

In order to pursue comfort, some women wear a big breasts, which can easily lead to sagging breasts, which is not advisable.

Women's bras are not paired, and they may cause trouble for themselves!There are 4 cases to change quickly

After the chest buckle is buckled and then turns

Some women feel that it is difficult to buckle their backs to the back of the chest, so they often wear it. First, wear a handle buckle in front, and then turn the bra to the back.This is easy to cause the steel ring and the bottom position of the bra. It is also easy to cause breast spill due to incorrect positions of the cup.

Wear breasts and sleep

Some women are afraid that not wearing bras will cause sagging, so they wear bras all day, and they do n’t even let go of sleep.Like the other parts of our body, the time requires a break.It is easy to cause local blood circulation and squeeze breasts for 24 hours, which can easily induce breast disease.

Do not change the breasts for a long time

Some women think that the quality of the bra is better, so they can not be changed for a long time.In fact, no matter how good the quality is, after a long period of time, if you wash too much, you will also produce a loose and deformation of the shoulder strap and the cup. Continue to wear it is not good for the health of the breast.

Therefore, in order to ensure women’s health, it is recommended to replace underwear regularly. The time can be controlled between 3 and 6 months.

3. How to wear bras correctly?

When buying the bra, you must try it on. If you find that there is a trace on the back, it means that the bottom edge is too tight, and you need to change a large size.In addition, when buying bras, you can buy a wide -shoulder strap, which can increase the support and fixing of the bra.

After selecting the proper bras, you must start wearing the bra.First put on the underwear, pull the shoulder strap, and tilt the upper body about 45 degrees to ensure that the fat in the breast area is wrapped in the breasts, and then the backhand is buckled.

Women's bras are not paired, and they may cause trouble for themselves!There are 4 cases to change quickly

Then keep the tilted posture and plug the fat on the side and the lower part in the cup.Finally, adjust the shoulder straps to avoid sliding underwear caused by too long or too short shoulder straps.Persist in the bras every day to wear bras, which can improve the shape of the chest and prevent breast disease.

The bras are the “good friends” of every woman, but many women do not know their bras correctly and think that wearing bras can cause disease.In fact, the method of correcting the proper breasts can not only prevent breast hyperplasia, but also shape the chest, prevent drooping, and get two birds with one stone.

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