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Women’s eggs or more sperm in some men are expected to reveal infertility that humans are unknown!

Human egg cells use chemical signals to attract sperm. Recently, a research report published in the international magazine Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Scientists from the University of Stockholm and other institutions have found that human egg cells may use these may use these. Special chemical signals to choose sperm. Different women’s egg cells can attract sperm of different men, and this is not necessarily their partner.

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Humans often spend a lot of time and energy to choose partners. Now researchers have found that even after sexual behavior, human egg cells can choose sperm; researcher Professor John Fitzpatrick said Chemoattractants chemicals attract sperm to unpopular egg cells, so we want to know whether egg cells will use these chemical signals to screen their attractive sperm.

The researchers analyzed how sperm responded to follicular fluids, and follicles surrounded the eggs and contained chemical seductive agents that attracted sperm. They wanted to know whether the follicular fluid in different female egg cells was easier to attract some men’s sperm. The follicular fluid from a woman may be more likely to attract one male sperm, and the follicular fluid of another woman may be more likely to attract the sperm of another man; this shows that the interaction between human egg cells and sperm may depend on what they are involved in involved Specific identity and characteristics of men and women.

Egg cells may not always be consistent with the choice of women’s partners. Researchers have found that, compared with other men, the egg cells of the female body may not always attract more sperm from their partners. Is the choice of egg cells or sperm? Researchers explained that the only task of sperm is to fertilize egg cells, so it is meaningless to pick three pickers. On the other hand, egg cells can choose high -quality or genetic compatibility by choosing high -quality or genetic compatibility Sperm to benefit. Researcher Daniel Brison said that the view of egg selection sperm is very novel in human fertility research. Related research on interaction between eggs and sperm can also effectively promote the development of human fertility therapy. The molecular mechanism behind pregnancy. Later researchers will continue to study the mechanism of carefully selected egg cells to carefully select sperm, while helping the development of related therapies for human fertility problems. (

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John L. Fitzpatrick,Charlotte Willis,Alessandro Devigili, et al. Chemical signals from eggs facilitate cryptic female choice in humans, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 10 June 2020, doi:10.1098/rspb.2020.0805

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