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Women’s hair washing during menstruation will not only hurt the body but also cause cancer?Honestly: It is not recommended to do these 5 things

Ms. Wang was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but she did not get the comfort of her mother, but was accused.

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Two months ago, Ms. Wang found that she was bleeding from time to time from time to time, and there were more times.Due to busy work, Ms. Ma thought it was irregular menstruation.It wasn’t until two days ago that Ms. Wang suddenly fainted on the ground, and then went to the hospital for examination.

The doctor found her moderate anemia, and the hemoglobin was only 77g/L.Gynecological examination shows that Ms. Wang’s cervix has a one -centimeter -sized cauliflower -like tissue, which is highly suspected to be cervical cancer.

Through the case biopsy, it was further determined that Ms. Wang suffered from the cervical scale IIA. The tumor was 6 cm long and had been transferred to the vagina.The doctor said that if Ms. Wang came to the hospital later, it was likely to lose the chance of surgery.

Faced with such a result, Ms. Wang’s mother was angry and worried.

From a younger mother, Ms. Wang has been emphasized: menstrual blood is “stain blood”. Do not wash your hair during menstruation. Not only will he hurt the body but also cause cancer.

But Ms. Wang thought that her mother was old -fashioned, and she only used these words as the wind beside her ears.Now, I have diagnosed cancer. Is this really caused by my hair during menstruation?


1. Is menstrual blood “stain blood”?

Generally speaking, the age of girls in the early menstrual tide is 12 to 15 years old, which is an important symbol of women’s reproductive function.But why does menstruation happen?This is actually a periodic endometrial periodic falling and bleeding when ovarian ovulation occurs.

Under the influence of gonad hormones, ovarian produces estrogen, stimulate development, and start ovulation at the same time.If the ovulation is not combined with sperm, then the luteal atrophy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body drops rapidly, so the endometrium falls off.The blood vessels in the uterine cavity have a certain degree of rupture, bleeding, and discharging the body together with the endometrium. This is the process of menstruation.

Finally, there are new follicles in the ovaries, starting a new round of cycle.The discharge of menstrual blood has no detoxification effect, and menstrual blood is only normal blood, not blood.


Second, women’s hair menstruation will not only drop the root of the disease, but also cause cancer?

From small to large, almost all elders told girls that do not wash their hair during menstruation.There are also rumors on the Internet that the shampooing during menstruation can cause incomplete uterine contraction, blood staying in the body, easily falling into the root cause, causing uterine fibroids and cervical cancer.

First of all, menstrual blood will not remain.During the menstruation, the cervix opened slightly, and the body entered the vagina from the cervix pass through the blood.Before menstruation, in order to close the blood supply of the ectopic arteries to the endometrium, the endometrium is avoided to avoid excessive bleeding from the exposure of small arteries, so the muscle layer of the uterus will shrink.

Generally speaking, most of the factor of uterine contraction is related to endocrine, such as the secretion of prostaglandin and thrombotin, and uterine contraction can promote menstrual blood exclusion.If the uterine contraction is really incomplete, the result should be the flow of blood, not staying in the body.

Therefore, women can be washed during menstruation, which has nothing to do with cancer, but it is not recommended to wash her hair with cold water. After all, physical resistance will decrease during menstrual period. Washing your hair with cold water is easy to cold.


Third, the menstrual period really can’t do these 5 things

However, Sun Yan, the chief physician of the Fujian Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded that it is best not to do the following things during menstruation.

1. Don’t take a bath

The cervix of the menstrual period is open, and the natural defense function of the reproductive tract is weakened. Sit baths can easily lead to microorganisms into the uterine cavity, and the possibility of infection becomes greater.

2. Can’t be in the same room

Although intimate behavior is not taboo, at this time, girls’ reproductive cavities are more likely to infect germs. Do not pay attention to cleaning may cause inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis.

3. Don’t wear tight pants

On the one hand, tight pants compress the local capillaries, which is not conducive to the blood circulation of the pelvic cavity. On the other hand, it will allow the private parts to be in a closed and humid environment and increase the risk of infection.

4. Drink

Studies have found that during menstruation, it affects the ability to decompose enzymes in the body, reduces alcohol metabolism, and is not easy to discharge after drinking alcohol.And alcohol can expand blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and may increase the amount of bleeding.

5. No need to surgery

During menstruation, the coagulation function decreases, and the resistance is relatively reduced, which is more prone to infection. Therefore, it is not recommended for surgery, blood donation or tooth extraction during the period.

Fourth, how to relieve dysmenorrhea?Teach you 5 tricks

Many women have dysmenorrhea, and each person’s dysmenorrhea is different. This is mainly related to the physical fitness and the tolerance of pain. If the threshold of pain is low, it is easier to feel dysmenorrhea.

What causes dysmenorrhea?Can be divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.Generally speaking, more than 90%of dysmenorrhea belongs to primary dysmenorrhea.At this time, the reproductive system does not have a organic lesion. The occurrence of dysmenorrhea is related to the dysmenorrhea cycle. Generally, it will appear one to two years after the first tide.

During menstruation, the endometrium can produce some substances that can cause uterine contraction, such as prostaglandin, when the secretion is too much, it is easy to cause dysmenorrhea.Secondary dysmenorrhea often occurs after many years after the early menstrual tide, because the reproductive system has a organic lesion.Only by solving the cause can it be completely relieved.

If you often have severe dysmenorrhea, you can go to the hospital to check whether there are organic diseases.And active treatment.How can we relieve the primary dysmenorrhea?

First, drink plenty of hot water, pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen. You can also relax the muscles and improve the flow of blood through hot compresses to reduce the pain.

Second, pay attention to diet.Eat more foods containing iron and vitamin E to increase the intake of high -quality protein.Try to eat less cold and spicy food and sweets as possible.

Third, ensure sufficient sleep.Long -term staying up late will affect the physiological function, sufficient sleep, and appropriate exercise, which will help enhance resistance.

Fourth, maintaining emotional pleasure, excessive mental tension is easy to exacerbate pain.

Fifth, you can take painkillers with severe symptoms.Note that take it under the guidance of a doctor.

Meridian blood is the normal blood of the human body, not blood, and will not be “residual”.You can wash your hair during menstruation, but it is not recommended to take baths, rooms, surgery, drinking, and wearing tight pants.If the pain is severe and affects daily life, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.


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