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Women’s labia minora on both sides of genital warts pictures


Women’s labia majic acuminatum is mainly manifested in the labia or vaginal opening. The colors are pale and the surface is rough and sharp.


Condyloma acuminatum, also known as genital warts, sexually transmitted warts, anal genital warts, is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by papilloma virus infection.

【way for spreading】

The main spread of the disease includes direct transmission of sexual contact, indirect contact infection, and vertical transmission of maternal and infants.


Patients with condyloma acuminatum can be treated with physical therapy such as laser, electricity burning or frozen treatment. In addition, they can also use the doctor’s advice to use drugs and other drugs for drugs such as mimotmol cream, ghost aquarium toxin, and other drugs.


Patients with condyloma acuminatum need to be treated according to the course of treatment. During the treatment, they cannot change the medicine and stop the medicine without permission. After the treatment, the doctor should be asked about the follow -up treatment plan.In addition, sexual behavior is strictly prohibited during treatment, and the condom should be used correctly after cure.

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