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Women’s long beard is actually three major diseases, diagnosed early, and prevent early prevention

Have you ever seen a man with a beard full of beacons, but have you seen a woman full of beaches?

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According to the British “Daily Mail”, the 23 -year -old Virginia’s Kaifel Jid Maggie has always been troubled by hair.

Kaifel was very beautiful when he was a child, but after adolescence, everything changed. In the teenager, when all the girls started to develop and the falling pavilion, Kaifel became a alien.

When Kaifel entered his adolescence, he began to grow beard. At first, he was just a few sparse and sparse. No one was in heart. But over time, Kaifel’s beard is not only more and more dense, but also has hair on her chest, legs, and arms, but she has no physiological characteristics about women.

For this reason, Kaifel was insulted at the school. Male students often laughed at her as a shemale; female classmates knew that Kaifel’s beard was particularly fast, and often it needed to be scraped once after two classes, so they would hide her. The scraper, waiting for Kaifel to be full of beards, making people laugh.

Under such an insult, Kaifel bluntly said: “Because of hairy disease, I really want to degenerate, so that no one will laugh at me as a monster.”

Fortunately, Kaifel subsequently received formal treatment. At present, the condition of Mao’s disease has eased. Although his face is still long beard, he has been so lush.

Kaifel was very distressed, why did he have hair?

What is Mao Mao?

In fact, Kaifel is not an example. Mao Mao disease is mainly manifested in clinical clinics that feminine hair is overcast, the hair distribution appears masculine, and the hair of any part of the body becomes longer and longer, exceeding the normal physiological range. Patients with symptoms will also have other symptoms such as menstrual disorders and acne.

Mao Mao disease is divided into congenital hair and coats caused by acquired. Congenital hairy disease is caused by congenital genetic mutations. Often, shortly after birth, the whole body grows dark and hard hair. Such patients can solve it through laser hair removal.

However, if the hairy disease caused by the day after tomorrow, it is necessary to increase their vigilance. When a woman’s front chest, waist, around the nipples, and lower abdomen appears more and more black hair, pay attention to whether there is a “female hair disease”. It is due to the increase in androgen secretion in the body or the increase of the sensitivity of therogens. In addition, patients will be accompanied by other symptoms, such as acne, increased sebum secretion, etc. At this time, we must be alert to whether the body affects androgen secretion.

In addition, if Mao Mao is continuously aggravated, go to the hospital for tumors in time, and some tumors will also affect the secretion of hormones, which will lead to the occurrence of hairy disease.

It is likely that the hairy disease is likely to be three major reasons.

Most of the hairy disease that appears the day after tomorrow is caused by the disease, and the polymorphosis caused by the disease is closely linked to therogen in the body. 25%of the male androgens in women are derived from the ovaries, 25%of the adrenal glands, 50%of the skin follicles of the skin follicles The transformation of androgen anterior bodies, so hairy diseases are likely to be in trouble.

1. Ovarian

The polycystic ovary syndrome is the most important cause of polymorphosis in women, accounting for 70%-80%. Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome will rise without ovulation, which will increase in serum lutein, leading to a large amount of testosterone androgenone in bubble membrane cells. In addition Millone and male glycol, which leads to a large number of androgens in the body and the estrogen decreases, which can also occur.

2. adrenal cortex

Patients with a typical congenital adrenal hyperplasia will also occur with increasedrogens secretion, which will lead to hairy. When the adrenal disease occurs, dehydrogenucleone will rise. In addition to hairy disease, a small number of patients will also have other symptoms such as acne and menstrual disorders.

3. Skin hair follicles

Half of the body in the body is derived from the skin hair follicles, mainly because of the 5A restorease in the skin, which can convert the testosterone in the body into a stronger dihydrous testosterone, accelerate the growth of the hair, which causes the hair to become rough.

In addition, if the symptoms of polymorphosis are continuously aggravated, we must be alert to whether there is a tumor. Some tumors will also affect the secretion of hormones in the body and lead to the occurrence of hairy disease.

Therefore, when the symptoms of increased hair or other polymorphosis are critical in time, what are the clinical treatment methods?

How should women suffer from hairy disease?

The treatment of polymorphism needs to be treated with the cause. There are currently three methods for treating hair.

● Oral contraceptive pills: In 2008, the clinical practice guide of the endocrinology association passed the oral contraceptive pill for the treatment of hair polymorite as the preferred plan, mainly because contraceptives can inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonad hormones, thereby reducing the synthesis of ovarian androgen synthesis And secretion, at the same time, oral contraceptives are also suitable for women who want to contraception and regulate the menstrual cycle [3].

● Photon hair removal: It is understood that the side effects of photon hair removal are small, and the effective rate of hair removal is as high as 86-100%. It is also one of the treatment methods for hairy disease. The treatment cost is also within the range that most patients can accept [3].

● Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: Chinese medicine believes that the “main fur of the lung” is related to the prevalence of hair.In addition, in Chinese medicine, women are yin and men are yang. Women are inadequate yin and more than yang. It has a good effect with peony licorice soup to treat [3].However, no matter what kind of method of treating hair, it is necessary to be carried out under the guidance of the professionals, and it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination.

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