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Women’s pressure is easy to get 5 gynecological diseases

In modern fast -paced life, the pressure from various aspects such as family and work often makes women breathe out. Experts point out that women should take into account the dual burden of work and family, and they often ignore their own health. Women’s long -term pressure will cause a variety of diseases, especially women’s reproductive system diseases.

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1. It is easy to cause breast disease and cancer

The proportion of young women under the age of 35 has accounted for 20%of the incidence of breast cancer, and the increase in pressure in modern women’s work and life is an important cause of breast disease. Experts explained that from the perspective of Chinese medicine, psychological and mental factors can affect the internal organs and endocrine systems in the body. Many professional women are too annoyed because of their work pressure. The great stress may cause the disorders of the endocrine system, which is easier to be easier Causes breast disease and other gynecological cancers.

2. Primary dysmenorrhea

Primary dysmenorrhea is the result of comprehensive effects of physiological, psychological, social, and cultural factors. Emotional factors such as depression and anxiety can affect the expression of pain, and people with different personality types have different understanding of menstruation and pain, so their symptoms and severity of dysmenorrhea are also different. Some studies believe that women with dysmenorrhea often show symptoms such as poor self -emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, and introverted, and dysmenorrhea women have more traditional feminine temperament than women.

3. Preliminary tension syndrome

The early stress syndrome refers to changes in physiological, spiritual, and behavior in women in the early days of menstruation. In severe cases, they affect life and work, and often occur about 10 days before menstruation. Patients with early stress syndrome are often emotional unstable, with psychological characteristics such as neurotic, introverted, depression, anxiety, irritability, too low self -evaluation, poor adaptability, and even suicide. Women with relatively fragile personality characteristics often have greater difficulties in adapting to changes in the environment and are prone to anxiety threats.

4. Siege mental disorders

Women who are “siege” have volatile hormones in the body and are prone to various discomfort in their bodies. Coupled with the pressure of marital status, children’s problems, working environment, socioeconomic status, etc. Angry, depression is annoying, memory loss, and decline in work ability, so that the psychiatric disorders of menopausal periods occur.

5. Chronic pelvic pain

Studies believe that chronic pelvic pain may be emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder, and no obvious pathological changes and trauma experience. Therefore, many women with too strong pressure often have symptoms such as depression and anxiety, which is more likely to suffer from chronic pelvic pain.

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