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Women’s smoking is more harmful, and it is more difficult to quit smoking!But three habits are more terrible than smoking

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“I have always had a question in my heart. I don’t know if you can answer it. From 18, I have started smoking. I have been smoking for decades now. Now I am almost 60 years old. According to the public, I smoke that the public saysIt is harmful to health, so smoking should cause harm to my body under normal circumstances, but I seem to be no different from ordinary people.

Moreover, my grandfather is also an old smoker. They were still inferior to smoke at that time, but he still lived to 102 years old, and he lived much more than his peers. How can this explain?”

First, will people who smoke must be short -lived?

Many people say that smoking has a fatal effect on life and health, but what is the relationship?In fact, as early as 20 years ago, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied the harm between cigarettes and life.

Women's smoking is more harmful, and it is more difficult to quit smoking!But three habits are more terrible than smoking

Each smoke will shorten the 13.8 minutes in life. Although this time is very short for life, 20 cigarettes have a life span of 20 cigarettes per day than those who do not smoke., Will shorten 23 years of life.

This data becomes quite intuitive, that is to say, according to the average long -lived age 78 years old, the average death age of 20 cigarettes a day is about 68 years old or less.

Although smoking affects people’s health, the reduction of life expectancy is not just for this reason, most of which are caused by composite factors, such as irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet, moody emotions, and so on.

Often some living habits have a worse impact than smoking, and there are absolutely multiple bad habits in the same person to cause life expectancy.

2. These 3 habits are more terrible than smoking

1. Sitting for a long time

That’s right, the harm of sedentary is greater than smoking because the damage of sedentary is relatively direct and fast.Because maintaining a posture for a long time, especially incorrect posture, not only can it be blocked by blood circulation, but also causes the health of the cervical nerve to affect the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Therefore, sedentary is definitely a healthy killer.

Studies have shown that the harm to the human body for a long time is equivalent to a 21 -minute life, which is more serious than smoking.

Women's smoking is more harmful, and it is more difficult to quit smoking!But three habits are more terrible than smoking

2. Love meat

Meats and animals are stronger than vegetarian animals, but only to consume animal protein blindly can only cause the kidney burden.Because the kidney is an important organ that break down protein, if the amount of intake is too large, it will cause the kidney to be unable to excrete normally, affecting the renal repair.It is recommended to replace the plant protein in an appropriate amount to replace the animal protein, which can balance the body’s metabolic problem.

3. Love to drink carbonated drinks

Carbonated beverages are an error in the last century. Although it can satisfy some comfort of the human body, it is harmful to the body than imagined.Carbonated beverages can cause immune cell aging and also cause the body to glycosylize. Not only is it prone to aging, but also causes slow metabolism and affects physical health.

3. Supplementary reading: Women smoke are more harmful, and it is more difficult to quit smoking

The physiological structure of women and men is very different, and its metabolism and hormones are different.Women are negative in Chinese medicine, and their metabolic functions will be slower than men. Therefore, the differences between the same toxins in men and women are different. Men are relatively easy to excrete the body, and women need to metabolize longer for a long time.And repair.

Women's smoking is more harmful, and it is more difficult to quit smoking!But three habits are more terrible than smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes not only has a strong impact on lung emphysema and bronchitis, but also has great destructiveness on lung function.Studies have shown that the chances of arteriosclerosis in women’s smoking are 1 times higher than that of men, and the probability of coronary heart disease, aortic anechetic, and stroke is also much higher.

Moreover, women’s mental stress is greater than men, and it is easier to relieve stress by smoking. Once addicted, it is difficult to quit. Even if you quit smoking, it is easier to repeat it.Therefore, women’s quit smoking should pay more attention to psychological quit smoking, not just as simple as nicotine.

It is recommended that women quit smoking to find professional smoking quitting institutions, formulate professional smoking cessation solutions, and use the dual therapy of drug treatment and psychological guidance to achieve faster results and more stable results.Secondly, it should be noted that whether the life of a female family is also an important influence on smoking and smoking quitting.

Women themselves need to adjust their relationship between themselves and their families. Family people around women also need to give more care. By -way emotional communication can effectively promote family harmony.

Women's smoking is more harmful, and it is more difficult to quit smoking!But three habits are more terrible than smoking

In summary, the harm of smoking to the human body is enough to affect the continuity of life. It is recommended to quit smoking as soon as possible, which will be much less harmful to internal organs and metabolism.Secondly, it should be noted that the harm of nicotine is fatal, but there are other bad living habits to the body more harmful to the body.

In addition to quitting smoking, we should pay more attention to maintaining good living habits.The changes are inseparable from its ancestors. The green diet and health interest are the key to maintaining health and extending life. All fatal hazards come from their own choice of health.

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