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Women’s underwear is particularly careful to wear a careful figure and walk around

Underwear is the most close -fitting clothing of women. Good underwear is not only comfortable to wear, but also improves her posture. If the underwear worn is too casual, in addition to being uncomfortable to wear, it will even cause adverse effects on the body. Therefore, women must avoid these misunderstandings when choosing underwear.

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Don’t wear such underwear

1. Excessive underwear

If you wear tight and narrow underwear for a long time, in addition to feeling uncomfortable, what is more serious is to compress the breast tissue, affect the blood circulation around the breast, and increase the risk of breast cancer. Especially for women in adolescence, don’t wear this way like this underwear.

2. Conjusational tight underwear

Some female friends with a small belly or a fat body like to wear conjoined tight underwear because this tight underwear can help improve the body shape. However, if you wear this underwear for a long time, it is easy to cause chest tightness and blood pressure, and even cause dizziness. In addition, the pressure of poor blood supply and fibrosis will occur, which will affect the skin condition.

So how should female friends choose underwear? Women want a good chest shape, and they cannot ignore the following details when choosing underwear.

1. Pay attention to choosing underwear styles

The underwear style is different, and the actual functions are different. When choosing underwear, don’t just care about whether the style is beautiful. Because the wearing of the underwear not only needs to be matched with the shape, but also matches the coats matched in different occasions. For example, when wearing a sleeveless top, you must choose to wear a suspender to shrink the inner underwear. If you are not sure, it is best to consult a shopping guide or check some relevant information first.

2. Choose the underwear suitable for the size

Do not loosen or too tight underwear. Over -loose underwear is not helpful to adjust the body shape, and too tight underwear can easily produce marks on the body, which is not conducive to breathing and blood circulation. In addition to the influence of underwear or too tight underwear, the adjustment of the shoulder straps is also very related. Most women’s shoulder shapes are oblique shoulders and shoulders. Women with oblique shoulders are easy to slip and cause embarrassment. Therefore,,, therefore It is recommended to use a relatively stable shoulder strap buckle such as left and right, front and rear. If it is a woman with a beautiful shoulder, you can use one or oblique buckle.

3. Choose underwear fabrics

Underwear needs to be affordable to the breast, and the material of the underwear also needs elasticity. Generally speaking, double -knitted all -cotton fabrics are the most suitable. However, the life of the underwear is limited. If the underwear is relaxed and loses elasticity, it must be replaced in time.

4. You need to wear different underwear in different periods

Female friends should wear different underwear when they are different. For example, in adolescence, the chest is in the beginning of development. At this time, the choice of underwear should be suitable for the size of the size. Do not blindly pursue the price and appearance. During pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts will swell and become bigger, and underwear should be adjusted. Many new mothers choose not to wear underwear for lactation, which can easily lead to sagging breasts and attract attention.

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