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World Heart Day: About one person died of sudden heart death every minute. These bad habits are “sad”!

September 29th is the World Heart Day. The heart promotes the blood circulation of the blood and continuously.Otherwise, the timing bomb in the body -cardiovascular disease will threaten people’s lives

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At present, cardiovascular disease has become the number one “killer” that threatens people around the world, and every year, autumn and winter are the outbreak of myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.

According to data from the epidemic survey in my country, about 540,000 people die every year in my country to die suddenly, that is, about one person died of sudden cardiac death per minute.Do you have the most “sad” behavior below?

1. Pressure mountains

Bad emotions can cause psychological stress, leading to sympathetic nerve excitement. Species such as norepinephrine and glucocorticoid secretion increase, and thereby increasing heart rate, increasing myocardial retractability, increased heart blood volume, increased blood capacity, heart heart, heart heart, heart heartPressure and capacity load increases.

The increase in catecholamines caused by sympathetic nerve excitement can also directly damage the heart, causing the heart contraction force to weaken until malignant heart rate and sudden death occur.Cardolymals, heart function changes, and heart failure caused by psychological stress are stress myocardial disease, also known as cardiac syndrome.”Sadness” is not just exaggeration.

Many young people in the age of 20 or 30 go to the hospital for treatment. The general symptoms are chest tightness, panic, and some are accompanied by chest pain, sweating, weakness, etc. In severe cases of insomnia, anxiety, feeling that there is a problem with their hearts, and even suspect that they will not be in the heart.Will die suddenly.Excessive tension and high pressure lead to overall anxiety.The “high -pressure” state can lead to an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases.Long -term health state can even lead to myocardial injury and sudden death.

2. Obesity

Metabolic abnormalities such as blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar on the basis of obesity are metabolic syndrome.It can be seen that obesity can lead to the expansion of the heart and heart failure. Some people simply call it obese myocardial disease.”Say you are panting if you are fat.” The true face is the expansion of the heart and heart failure caused by obesity.

3. Non -handed smoke

Smoking can cause vascular endothelial damage, cause blood vessel spasm and atherosclerosis, and induce myocardial infarction and thrombosis.Everyone must remember that smoking not only hurts the lungs, gets cancer, but also “smokes” the heart.

4. Dang Dangjiu

Drinking and promoting blood, red wine can also prevent disease and beauty, these misunderstandings have affected too many people.

The latest research found that drinking is not good for drinking, it is best to get dripping.Drinking can induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular incidents. Long -term alcoholism can cause alcoholic fatty liver, alcohol myocardial disease and heart failure.

5. Excessive exercise

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Appropriate exercise can reduce the occurrence of diseases, improve health, relieve bad emotions such as anxiety, depression, and improve sleep.However, excessive exercise will not only make people exhausted, but also reduce work efficiency, aggravate stalemate and anxiety, affect sleep, reduce physical resistance.

Studies have shown that the incidence of sudden death will increase without exercise and exercise.Sudden deaths in the marathon are reported.If there are basic cardiovascular diseases, there are overwork, excessive tension, poor rest, and anxiety depression, and then excessive and inappropriate exercise, not only the risk of injury increases, but the risk of sudden death will increase significantly.Especially when the serious illness heals, the exercise should be gradual, and the force should be done. It feels bad to stop.

In addition, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (mainly increased cholesterol), diabetes, and obesity are the main risk factors of cardiovascular disease.Therefore, only by adhering to a healthy diet, active exercise, quitting of smoking and restrictions, and developing good living habits can we stay away from cardiovascular disease and rejuvenate heart vitality!

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