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Worried about bowel cancer?A colonoscopy helps you to find out

According to statistics, about 95%of bowel cancer developed from intestinal polyps. It often takes 15-20 years from polyps to malignant tumors.



In other words, if we maintain the habit of regular inspection, we are very hopeful to stifle bowel cancer in the cradle.

Worried about bowel cancer? A colonoscopy helps you to find out

Intelligence is a great weapon to prevent colorectal cancer.

“Liuye Knife” published a study that one -third of the risk of bowel cancer can be reduced by 1/3 of bowel cancer. After tracking over 170,000 followers, the research team found that colonoscopy once could reduce the risk of bowel cancer in the next 17 years.

Intelligent colonoscopy is difficult to be accepted by the public because of its invasive inspection. However, in fact, there are many advantages of colonoscopy. During the examination, once abnormal intestines are found, such as polyps and small tumors, you can choose to remove immediately, or remove the biopsy to reduce the risk of bowel cancer as much as possible.

Check it, do you need to do a colonoscopy

Inspection of colonoscopy, everyone needs to do it, but when you find that you have a symptom of colorectal disease, you should be vigilant.

If you are in line with the following situations, please consult the doctor further to understand whether colonoscopy is needed.

1 abnormal defecation

Related to the intestines, first look at the stool.

If the number of stools has increased recently, difficulty in defecation or irregular bowel movements, the possibility of colorectal cancer needs to be suspected.

In addition, the state of stool needs to be observed. If the stool has mucus, pus and blood, the stool will become thinner, deformed, or even blood, and even the stool. It is best to perform a colonoscopy.

2 abdominal discomfort

Long -term abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea, etc., or if you touch unknown blocks in the abdomen, it is best to perform further examination. Patients with chronic colitis but long -term medication for a long time also need to perform further colonoscopy.

3 Other symptoms

The possibility of losing weight, weight loss, or anemia occurs in unknown causes. In addition, the medical examination found that the increasing CEA (carcinoma antigen) increased, and the abdominal CT found that the intestinal wall was thickened, etc., and colonoscopy was required to eliminate bowel cancer.

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