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Worried about cancer without knowing it?If these 5 symptoms occur, liver cancer may have been available!

The survival rate of liver cancer in my country is extremely low, and most of the patients have entered the advanced period. The total survival rate within five years is only 12.5%. In advanced patients from discovering the condition to death, it may only be just a few months!



However, when most patients go to the hospital for examination, they find that they are more advanced in liver cancer. Therefore, we must pay attention to several early symptoms of liver cancer, and learn to prevent liver cancer!

1. What are the early symptoms of liver cancer?

Early symptoms of liver cancer are not obvious, nausea, abdominal distension, and abdominal pain are not all the problems of “stomach”. Generally speaking, we will feel that the stomach is uncomfortable. We feel that nausea, vomiting, and abdominal distension and diarrhea are very obvious symptoms. However, there is no obvious typical symptoms in the early stage of liver disease. Usually, loss of appetite, indigestion, bitter mouth, and abdominal pain may also be confused into stomach disease and ignore it.

Because the “cunning” of liver cancer should not be perceived, we should usually pay more attention and increase their vigilance. Once the following symptoms occur, we must pay attention to avoid delaying the condition.

1. Pain in the liver area

The location of the liver is in the right upper abdomen of the human body, which is the liver region that we often call. Various liver discomfort may cause pain in the liver area. The clinical survey shows that more than half of patients with liver cancer first occur in the first symptoms of liver region. This pain is not obvious persistent pain. It is a kind of intermittent and invisible pain. Moreover, the pain will gradually increase with the growth of the tumor. Essence

2. The body is thin and weak

Liver cancer can cause patients with damage to patients’ harmful metabolism. At the same time, the digestion and absorption function becomes weakened. Because of the insufficient food absorption ability and poor nutrition, the human body gradually becomes thinner and weak, and the whole person seems to be indifferent.

3. How low heat, occasional high fever

Because of the effects of tumor tissue necrosis, patients with liver cancer will often have symptoms of fever, and most of them are low heat, and high temperatures above 39 ° C are not common.

4. Symptoms of digestive discomfort

The early symptoms of patients with liver cancer are similar to stomach diseases. Symptoms such as decreased appetite, indigestion, post -meal abdominal distension, indigestion, and sorbing are similar to gastrointestinal diseases we usually think, often ignored and misdiagnosed and delayed the condition. Therefore, when these seemingly common gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms appear, they must also be paid attention to.

5. Other symptoms

Because of the influence of cancer cells, many people also have symptoms of hearing loss, nasal congestion, foreign body sensation in the esophagus, and sternum tightness and swelling, which should be paid attention.

How to prevent liver cancer?

To prevent liver cancer, you must stay away from these risk factors. Liver cancer can be effectively prevented through the following means:

1. Inocular vaccination: It is reported that the coverage rate of three doses of hepatitis B vaccine in my country has been increased from 30%in 1992 to 99.6%in 2015, which is of great significance to reduce the prevalence of liver cancer in my country. However, it is a pity that for the variety of hepatitis C virus, human beings have no safe and effective vaccine.

2. Patients with chronic viral hepatitis should receive standardized antiviral treatment as soon as possible, which can effectively reduce the risk of hepatitis progress into liver cancer. According to research, in patients with hepatitis C virus, patients with interferon therapy are effective, and the risk of liver cancer can be reduced from 6.2%to 1.5%.

3. Keep a healthy lifestyle and stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

4. Keep good eating habits, avoid ingested foods, pay attention to light diet, and reduce greasy food intake.

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