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Worried about inhaling hormones, letting children stop the medicine for six -year -old boy asthma recurrence insurance and lost his life

Because of fear of inhaling sugar cortex hormones affecting children’s growth, parents privately stopped their children. The 6 -year -old boy Xiaoxin (pseudonym) almost lost his life when he was walking recently. Today is the World Asthma Day. Pediatric experts remind their families that controlling asthma needs to be standardized and managed throughout the process. Do not let children stop medicine without authorization.

Xiaoxin’s family lived in Wuchang District. He was diagnosed with asthma a few months ago due to repeated asthma and cough. The doctor prescribed the right medicine for his right, and instructed parents to let the children at home for atomization and review regularly. After a period of treatment, Xiaoxin’s symptoms improved significantly. Ms. Liu is getting better and better to see the child’s condition. Worried that the sugar -cortical hormone inhaled in the treatment of atomized therapy will affect the growth of the child, and she will self -stop the child. During the long holiday, Ms. Liu’s girlfriend took her son to make the door. After dinner, the two mothers took the children to the park to take a walk. After playing for a while, Xiaoxin suddenly started coughing and breathing. Ms. Liu saw that her son was wrong, and quickly sent the child to the nearby Wuhan University People’s Hospital for treatment. Jiang Yi, director of the second department, diagnosed Xiaoxin asthma recurrence. Fortunately, it was time to send the hospital. Xin’s rehabilitation is good. “Parents have stopped the medicine because of fear of hormones. This misunderstanding of asthma treatment is common in clinical practice.” Director Jiang Yi said that asthma is one of the most common chronic airway diseases for children. Anti -inflammatory does not refer to antibiotics, but a special treatment for allergic inflammation. The inhalation hormone used to treat asthma only plays a local anti -inflammatory effect. It is small and directly acts on the target organs. Generally, it does not cause the side effects of the whole body hormone -like. Under the specified dose, it does not affect the growth and development of the child.

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Director Jiang Yi said that the prevalence of children’s asthma in my country is increasing at about 50%every 10 years, but the good control rate of the disease is only 3%. According to clinical estimates, only 10%of patients have gained standardized treatment. He said that the irregularity of children’s asthma treatment has become a common problem, but as long as timely prevention and standardization of treatment, 80 % can be controlled. Therefore, for children with asthma, parents must prevent them first, diagnose as soon as possible, and treat them in a timely manner.

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