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Wuling San in the Chinese medicine helps to lose weight

Many of the fat people have “water injection meat”, especially women. They are not all fat because of too much fat, nor because of muscle developed, but because the water that the metabolic is out of the body is staying in the body. The “Wuling San” in the Chinese patent medicine is very suitable for them. It can discharge the water as soon as possible by nourishing the spleen and water.

A 30 -year -old friend described her symptoms like this: 1. The whole body was weak and always felt sleepy. 2. Do not take shape. 3. The amount of menstruation is small, and it is over for two days, and it is particularly afraid of cold. 4. After drinking the water for a while, you will go to the toilet, and you will be on many times a day. I always feel that the water has been in my stomach, and my belly is very fat.

This is a typical spleen deficiency. The spleen is the main muscle. Because the muscles are not strong, the spleen deficiency is easy to live up to heavy responsibility. The stool does not take shape, which is a manifestation of spleen deficiency, because the intestines cannot absorb water well. Because of the deficiency of the spleen, the qi and blood are insufficient, or the menstruation is small, or the menstruation is not endless, and then the color becomes very light. As for drinking water, I go to the toilet, the most indicator of “Wuling San”.

Temperature also belongs to the range of yang in traditional Chinese medicine. People with a strong temper can fully absorb water and use water, and water will also evaporate from the body surface. Those who have weak temper are like insufficient salary at the bottom of the kettle and insufficient heat. It is difficult to turn into water vapor. It is always Wang in the body. It can only be discharged in the form of urination.

As for the fat with a circle of belly, when the yang is insufficient, the body must be protected to become a rare yang and prevent it from dispersing too much. Fat is the best “isolation layer” for protecting the yang. The fatter, the more fat, and most of them are fat on the stomach. If it is a woman, 35 years old is often a hurdle. If there is lack of exercise, the yang is insufficient, as mentioned in the Nei Jing, “Woman, five or seven yangs and bright pulses”, when the age of 5735, The Yang Mingmai of women can be understood as the qi of the spleen meridian, and the look of the face of the figure often starts before and after this age.

Wuling San is a famous prescription in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”. It is aimed at many diseases caused by insufficient yang and abnormal water metabolism, including the above problems of friends. It may be because the price is cheap and the pharmaceutical factory is unwilling to produce, so it may not be easy to buy. You can learn from the proportion of its original recipes: 18 grams of Poria, 30 grams of Zexie, 18 grams of Zhu Ling, 12 grams of Guizhi, and Atractylodes ( Stir -fry) 18 grams, this is a amount of medicine. Like the conventional soup, a dose of medicine is fry twice and divided into two times.

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