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Xuanwu Hospital: How to store and carry insulin

How to store and carry insulin

The validity period and storage requirements of different insulin products are different, and they must be stored with reference to their respective product manuals. Whether it is an unused insulin product or an insulin product that is being used, it must be discarded if it is valid or the period of use.

Insulin protein hormone, insulin is extremely sensitive to temperature, insulin activity changes with temperature. The insulin that is being used can be stored at room temperature (not more than 30 ° C) insulin used in the refrigerator of 2 ° C to 8 ° C, stored the spare insulin in the insulin bag in the refrigerator of 2 ° C ~ 8 ° C

The correct preservation of insulin while traveling

Carrying insulin should be avoided when traveling out of travel. When traveling on a plane, insulin and other hypoglycemic drugs should be installed in the bags carried by patients. Do not consignment of liquids, because the checked luggage is easy to lose and the temperature of the checked cabin is too low, which will cause insulin to degenerate.

When traveling, the car is not a good place to put insulin, because during the summer sun, the temperature in the car may rise to above 60 ° C. Such temperature will reduce the cost of insulin. Insulin is best not to put on the ice pack.

The insulin that is using can be carried and preserved at room temperature indoors, but when the climate (more than 30 ° C) can be stored in a cooling bag, it should be stored in a cooling bag. After reaching the destination, it should be placed in the refrigerator’s refrigerated room in time.

Other precautions

1. It is necessary to remind patients that when storing insulin with a refrigerator, it is best to store it in the refrigerator’s refrigerator near the door of the refrigerator to avoid insulin in the freezer. At the same time, try not to close the inner wall of the refrigerator, but close to the position of the refrigerator door. This is because the temperature of the inner wall of some refrigerators is low, which can easily cause insulin freezing. When taking a new insulin from the refrigerator, pay attention to whether there is frozen phenomenon to avoid inadvertently used insulin.

2. Regularly check the temperature of the refrigerator to ensure that the temperature is within the range of 2-8 ° C.

3. New Kaifeng’s preparation of insulin, before injection, it is recommended to remove about 2h from the refrigerator, and then injection after the insulin is close to normal temperature, avoid discomfort during injection and stimulation of subcutaneous tissue.

4. Prevent high temperature, insulin may form some precipitation or silk fibers due to the degeneration of protein. Therefore, insulin preservation should be avoided and sunlight should be avoided. Do not put insulin (or injection devices with insulin, such as injection pens, etc.) in a high -temperature environment. Rice cooker and other near. It is necessary for patients to check the appearance and trait of the insulin before each use, and if they find abnormal appearance, they should stop using it.

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5. Anti -frozen: Insulin is not resistant to high temperature or low temperature. This is because freezing frozen icing can degenerate insulin, which will fail. Even thawing, insulin cannot be used, and it needs to be discarded to avoid increasing blood sugar. Therefore, do not freeze insulin preservation.

6. Anti -dramatic vibration: The molecular structure of insulin is connected by two amino acid chains through two sulfur bond looseness. Under the situation of severe vibration, the sulfur bond will break, which will destroy its biological activity and cause the medicine to medicine, leading to the medicine, leading to medicine The effect is lost, so when shaking the premature insulin or medium -long effects insulin, the movement should be soft.

7. Whether it is an unused insulin or an insulin that is being used, it must be discarded beyond the validity period or the period of use. Do not use it. (Zhang Qingxia, Department of Pharmacy, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital)

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