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Yang Jinhua: I like to be a good mother

Choosing to face the challenge and greeted it on the front. If it wasn’t for this strength in her character, Yang Jinhua said that she should have defeated in the big and small bumps. Because I know, even if I turn around and escape, the problem is still there. So choose bravery. Even if it may be bruised. So today, she is still standing here. I am a daughter who is not intimate, but very worried. This sentence is actually what my mother said, because although I usually do not ask my mother to warm up, but at the most important moment, I will always be the first person to feel first and jump out.

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For example, two or three years ago, my mother had something to do. , I will stand in front of you and help you block many things. You will not be the only one, you have me.

Then I insisted that she moved to live with me. Frankly, this is also a great decision for me. It is not unreasonable. After all, for more than ten years, I have been used to my own life. When you start living together, there will be a lot of unaccustomed habits. His noisy and noisy will continue to murder his mouth. Now it is much better.

In love, I am a confidant. In love, I should be a little woman, not obedient, not very smooth, but there will be no too many interference and dominance, and then although I often quarrel with my mother, I actually hate quarreling very much People, because I hurt myself and hurt myself, and I like to communicate. Even if I am angry, I will calm down my emotions first, or find a way to vent first, and then look back to the parties to communicate.

I think communication is really important. Now many couples often ignore the communication with the other half for their own affairs, and even ignore the feelings of the other party. Or when you happen, you will come to me and come to me to discuss, that is, in addition to being able to play a good lover, I can also play a good confidant. I don’t know, hahahahaha.

In the sweetness of each paragraph of love, of course, there will be the idea of ​​wanting to get married. After all, the beautiful memories still end in the breakup, because the values ​​and directions of each other are different. There are various reasons. It’s not that I have missed it, but if I think about it carefully, I should not, so I feel that the reason why I have not got married is that that person has not appeared. I believe that God will give me a right person.

In different roles, she plays different Yang Jinhua, and her life continues to move forward. She expects to have more different roles. For example, mom, I really fantasize, how do I play a good mother, I think I am It should be a very harsh mother, alas, is this good, can anyone dare to marry me? Well, that one plays one, has something to discuss, but the mother with a clear principle is good. Yang Jinhua laughed.

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