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Yang Sen China released the “2023 Deep Realm Plan” to join hands with many parties to help health China build

Today, Yang Sen China has successfully held the “2023 Yangsen China Deep Realm Plan” release ceremony and a series of strategic cooperation projects. Many industry experts, society, associations, partners, and media have been invited to witness this milestone moment.Under the guidance of the strategic policy of “people’s health”, in order to explore and solve the needs of more unsatisfactory patients, Yang Sen China officially released the “2023 Yangsen China Deep Intelligence Plan”.On the same day, Yang Sen China reached a strategic cooperation with the China Junior Health Care Foundation, the Chinese Cell Biology Society and the China Defense Society, which aims to jointly promote the development, scientific research innovation and diagnosis and treatment level in the field of key diseases to promote health to help health.China’s construction.

“2023 Deep Realm Plan”: Promote high -speed development with three “depth” engines

In recent years, with the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategic policy and the guidance of various national encouragement and innovation policies, the Chinese medical and health industry has entered a stage of rapid development.At the same time, the medical needs of patients in the field of major illnesses and the needs of high -quality and healthy life are increasing.As one of the earliest transnational pharmaceutical companies to enter China, Yangsen China has been committed to driving change -based medical innovation in 37 years, focusing on China’s medical and health needs, and continuously developing, introducing and producing high -quality drugs and innovative health solutions.In order to actively respond to the outline of the health China planning and better meet the growing health needs of patients, Yang Sen China officially released the “2023 Yangsen China Deep Realm Plan”.

(Ms. Zheng Lei, President of Yang Sen, Ms. Zheng Lei Speed on the spot)

Ms. Zheng Lei, president of Yang Sen, said at the launch ceremony that the “2023 Yang Sen China Deep Realm Plan” will continue to adhere to science -based, mission as the top three core strategies, and accelerate the progress of discipline with three “deep” engines, andIndustry development and further improvement of patient services.Change medical innovation is the core driving force for the development of the medical industry. Therefore, Yang Sen will continue to deepen the values of “science -based”, increase the investment and cooperation layout of scientific research innovation, and promote the “new depth” development of scientific research and innovation.Continue to take advantage of the deep heritage of China’s development, adhere to the “mission as the top”, and use the belief of “far -reaching” to fulfill the commitment to serve China and help the high -quality development of China’s medical industry.Our efforts are also adhering to the concept of “patients first”. “Deep -level” meets patient needs, helps patients return to a healthy life, accelerate the creation of a future without disease, so that patients will stop waiting.

(“2023 Yangsen China Deep Intelligence Plan”)

Together with many parties, build a transforming medical innovation ecology

Change medical innovation is an endless scientific exploration. Patient’s disease management needs are an endless life topic. Like a borderless universe, it is full of unknown territory and is waiting to be explored and overcome.At the release ceremony of the “2023 Deep Realm Plan”, the representatives of Yang Sen and the guests jointly collided with the theme of ‘Deep’ and “Guang’ ”, which explore the service of patients’ services in the context of“ Healthy China ”.After discussion, the guests reached a consensus: the improvement and improvement of patient services require all relevant parties and professionals in the medical and health field to work together.At the event, Yang Sen China announced its strategic cooperation with the China Junior Health Care Foundation, the Chinese Cell Biology Society, and the China Defense Society.The series of strategic cooperation signed this time will be the first step in the “Yangsen China Deep In -the -Establishment Plan” in 2023. Through the close cooperation of various parties in production, learning, and research, it will give full play to the advantages of the resources of both parties, promote collaborative innovation, build a medical innovation ecosystem, and help helpThe construction of clinical scientific research capabilities in key diseases and standardized construction of diagnosis and treatment, jointly promoting the construction of healthy China, and ultimately benefiting from the majority of Chinese patients.

“Multi -department clinician scientific research ability improvement training camp” project “

In response to the country’s call on the “Public Hospital’s High-quality Development Promotion Action (2021-2025)”, promote the construction of clinical scientific research disciplines, improve the clinical scientific research capabilities of Chinese medical workers, help the sustainable development of hospitals, and cultivate more for Chinese pharmaceutical scientific and technological innovation.Many medical scientists, Yang Sen China joined hands with the China Junior Health Care Foundation to carry out the “Multi -Acts ‘Clinical Doctors’ Scientific Research Capability Training Camp” project.This project will focus on solid tumors such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, neuropathy, such as schizophrenia, osteoma, lymphoma, dermae, inflammatory bowel disease and other diseases to help improve doctors’ clinical scientific research capabilities and achieve clinical clinical clinicalThe high synergy of research and clinical diagnosis and treatment has improved the standards of disease diagnosis and treatment, and the sustainable development of hospitals can be emphasized.In order to ensure the high -quality promotion and completion of the project, the project specially set up an external expert guidance committee, and hired the deputy director of the Evidence -based Medical Center of Peking University. Professor Zhan Siyan, the winner of the “Wu Yang Award” as the team leader.

Mr. Zhou Qingnian, deputy director and secretary -general of the China Junior Health Care Foundation, said that “the deep and wide and wide and broad of patients’ services” needs to improve the ability to improve personnel in related fields as a starting point.Therefore, our strategic cooperation with Yang Sen’s China hopes to start with the improvement of the scientific research ability of clinicians in multi -department, improve clinical medical research capabilities and the standardized process of promoting disease diagnosis and treatment, and provide better services to patients in a larger scale.

“Strategic Cooperation Plan for lymphoma” project

The progress of the medical and health undertakings requires the joint promotion of clinical experts and basic scientific researchers. Medical research and progress and the improvement of disease diagnosis and treatment levels need to develop coordinated development and promote each other.In order to strengthen the role of traditional Chinese medicine research and clinical ability in different diseases, Yang Sen China joined hands with the Chinese Cell Biology Society to carry out the “lymphoma strategic cooperation plan” project.In -depth cooperation in the field of ability construction, the field of basic science and the medical field of lymphoma disease, and other in -depth cooperation, promote the exchanges and direction of scientific research results in the field of lymphoma, help the construction of a strong science and technology country, and promote the development of China’s medical and health undertakings.Professor Li Chaojun, vice chairman of the Chinese Cell Biology Society, said: Technology is the first productive forces, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force.He has always learned to actively play the role of hub -type platforms and the advantages of expert think tanks, deepen cooperation with enterprises, explore and promote the diversified joint model between institutions, fully stimulate the vitality of science and technology innovation, and serve the high -quality development of the power of science and technology.We also hope that through the strategic cooperation focusing on blood tumors, to promote the communication and learning between basic scientists and the clinicians of the tumor and the blood field, explore the application of the latest scientific research results, solve practical diagnosis and treatment difficulties, and promote the improvement of subject progress and improvement of medical care.Coordinated development.

“Pharmaceutical Tuberculosis Industry diagnosis and treatment capacity improvement project” project

Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by tuberculosis infection, also known as “痨 disease”. The course of the disease is long, which seriously affects patient life.my country is a highly affordable country to resist the tuberculosis. Patients have low discovery rates, low incoming treatment rates, and low treatment rates. It has brought huge challenges to my country’s tuberculosis prevention and control work and national public health management.The “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” clearly states that the establishment of a stable public health investment mechanism, strengthening the construction of talent teams, improving the basic conditions of disease control, improving public health service projects, and strengthening the grass -roots public health system.Based on the status quo of the tuberculosis in my country, Yang Sen China joined hands with the China Defense Society Association to carry out the “drug resistance and tuberculosis industry diagnosis and treatment capacity improvement project” project.This project focuses on the theme of “discovering diagnosis”, “standardized treatment”, and “humanistic management” in the population of patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis.In the year, the standardized standards of clinical diagnosis and treatment in China to resist the tuberculosis of drug resistance will help the realization of the strategic goals of national tuberculosis prevention and control, and jointly promote the construction of the national public health service system.

Professor Cheng Shiming, vice chairman and secretary -general of the China Defense Society, said that “the deepening and extensiveness of patients’ services” requires gathering multi -party forces to promote the establishment of relevant industry standards to help patients benefit.The Fangxian Association and Yang Sen China joined hands to link the forces of all parties in the society, bring together experts and scholars for discussion, participate in the establishment and implementation of relevant group standards, promote the in -depth integration of industry -university -research, and provide more scientificized drug -resistant patients with resistance to patients with drug -resistant tuberculosis.Full -process disease management service.

Innovative records, the “Deep Realm Plan” in the future is available

Yang Sen China invited nearly 3,000 participants in eight cities to wear virtual reality (VR) glasses through online and offline.The official launch of the plan.The VR short film explains Yang Sen’s transforming medical innovation journey in the form of human -machine interaction -endless scientific exploration and endless patient services is an endless life topic.In depth, there is no boundary, full of unknown, waiting for being explored and overcome by humans.

With the release and launch of the “2023 Yangsen China Deep Intelligence Plan”, Yang Sen China solemnly promised to adhere to the value concept of science -based, mission, and patients first, deeply cultivate medical scientific progress, empower academic progress, and through the establishment of academic academicsCooperation and strategic cooperation, the key prescriptions in the integrated medical industry, jointly promote the progress and development of the disease field, and improve the medical ecosystem; connect doctors, patients, industry organizations, and other key prescriptions to deal with ChinaChallenges to promote healthy China with in -depth cooperation; at the same time, in -depth insights for patients’ needs, work together to explore the “deep realm” of more patients’ services, and jointly challenge the “deeper” and “wider” of patients’ services.

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