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Yang Zishan takes you back to 20 -year -old face value

Her beauty attitude–

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“I think the core of maintenance is water. I like hydrating items in organic products. This is the most basic needs of the skin. As long as people meet it, the return of the skin will not be small.”

About aging-

I don’t resist aging, everything is natural. But I understand one thing -the most important thing is to maintain a young mentality and maintain a relatively rustic heart. In addition to the maintenance of some external skin in the next ten years, I will continue to perform, and they will receive different roles with age. “

About moisturizing-

I usually wash my face clean at home before taking a plane, and then apply a layer of free -to -water moisturizing mask. It can be absorbed slowly for hours on the plane. This habit can make the skin feel so bad when getting off the plane.

About isolation-

Double insurance on the skin with frequent makeup, frequent makeup and changing makeup every day in the group. I think that appropriate isolation damage will naturally decrease.

About sun protection–

Pay attention to the indoor and outdoor of sun protection. I will definitely apply sunscreen when I go out during the day. When the sun is not strong, I will expose some sun moderately and control the time. I think people who are exposed to the sun will be healthier.

About makeup-

I am never afraid of the fixed model. I will not make up myself. I usually go out for a face. The makeup artist asked me what my request is. I will always be one -clean, thin, and eye makeup should not be too strong.

About makeup remover–

There is no time -saving shortcut to go. The skin is not on makeup, uneven surface, and potholes. This must be the result of no makeup the day before. There is no shortcut to remove makeup, and it takes time.

About firming-

The filming often does not sleep enough, and the skin collapses one night. Therefore, in the few weeks before filming, I will strengthen the maintenance of firming, and use a massage oil with a tight skin effect to make the face.

About the body-

I like to eat more fruits and fruits. The human body conforms to nature. The fresh season of fresh season is definitely the body. The relatively fixed habit is to use red beans to make each meal before entering the group.

About the body- ——

Hot yoga dredge water troubles. I like hot yoga because it can help sweat, especially people with edema physique can try to do it. It is definitely healthier and healthy than taking water drugs.

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