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Yangcheng neighborhood is blessed!The “2022 National Oral Health Plan” was officially launched, and many benefits to the people were implemented!

In order to fully implement the “Outline of Healthy China 2030 Planning” released by the country, the spirit of the “2019-2025 Health Oral Action Plan 2019-2025″ proposed by the National Health and Health Commission and the National Aging Working Committee Office ” Notice on the Promotion of Oral Health Promotion of Elderly, and oral health-related policies such as the “Health Children’s Action Program (2021-2025)” to help comprehensively oral health and enjoy high-quality oral services. With a number of brand manufacturers launched a series of public welfare activities of the “2022 National Oral Health Plan”, it will help the people to effectively solve the social problems of “looking at teeth, difficult to look at the teeth, and difficult to see the famous doctors”, and help the construction of Chinese oral health.

Press conference site

On the morning of January 6, 2022, the “2022 National Oral Health Plan” was officially launched, and the press conference was successfully held in Sui. The public welfare series runs through the year, which means that a series of public welfare activities sponsored by the Suihua Oral Hospital affiliated to Jinan University will Start.

The launching ceremony of “2022 National Oral Health Plan”

It is reported that in order to further improve the public health awareness of the citizens and solve the growing needs of oral diagnosis and treatment, Da Sui Hua’s mouth will start the city’s large -scale oral health awareness level questionnaire survey, and the authoritative media will release the “2022 National Oral Health Plan” of the National Oral Health Plan “. Medical and Health White Paper, conducting the common welfare census of the “2022 National Oral Health Plan”, and setting up the special fund of oral health assistance treatment for the “2022 National Oral Health Plan”, in communities, schools, enterprises and institutions, and Da Suihua’s mouths of various institutions Various lectures, salons, free consultations and other forms of oral knowledge are organized in the hospital. Wait for a number of public welfare measures. At the same time, Da Sui Hua’s mouth will jointly organize a series of special academic summit forums with major authoritative media, well -known domestic and foreign manufacturers, and experts and scholars to actively promote the development of the oral cause in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and achieve oral health for the whole people as soon as possible.

At the meeting, Xiao Jin, secretary of the Party Branch of Da Suihua Stomatology Hospital Group, said: “As a social responsibility, and since the establishment of Da Sui Huaqiao, he has been committed to human oral health and systemic health. Forget the original intention and serve the people. While providing professional medical services, they carry out hundreds of oral health mission and free consultation activities each year. I hope that through affecting a person, a family, and a group Knowledge and attention. Today’s “2022 National Oral Health Plan” series of public welfare activities is officially launched, and it is necessary to help the oral health to push a new step in the Da Suihua Stomatology Hospital. Inheritance of great love with public welfare, I also hope that more caring companies will join the great cause of oral health programs for the national. “

Xiao Jin, Secretary of the Party Branch of Da Suihua Stomatology Hospital Group, spoke

At the press conference, the deputy dean of Huang Bin, Da Sui Huahuo Castle, made a detailed overview of the information mentioned by the public welfare activities mentioned by the guests and the media, and encouraged the general public to actively participate in the oral health plan of the whole people, attach importance to the oral cavity of themselves and their families Health, providing full -treatment for assistance for special contributions, those with oral diseases and Da Suihua’s oral cavity, and also hopes to help the general public to establish the correct oral health concept through the media’s communication orientation forces. The problem allows the quality of life to improve from more aspects. “

The Deputy Dean of Da Sui Hua Hua Cast Dental Huang Bin Speaking

Oral health is related to people’s whole body health, and it is also closely related to systemic diseases. At the same time, oral health also affects people’s quality of life. It is reported that in order to improve the oral health status of Yangcheng and the surrounding people, in the future, Da Suihua Stomatology Hospital will gradually expand this kind of public welfare series of convenience and benefit the people, so that more citizens can enjoy a beautiful life of “laughing and eating” Essence

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