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You are old with these symptoms

People may not be aging when they reach their age, and people who are not old in the world abound. The aging of the body indicates that your body is a problem, and it is to tell you that you need to take good care of your body.

Symptoms are panting without climbing the building without climbing the building

Human’s internal organs have the function of self -recovery. If you find yourself a little exercise, you can breathe, your heartbeat is accelerated, or the journey is a little more difficult. This means that your heart is prematurely aged.

Young people are different. They are sitting in the office for a long time and rarely go out to exercise, but as long as they persist for exercise for a while, these symptoms will improve significantly. The aging people cannot improve this symptom.

Symptom two often constipation does not take shape.

Few people pay attention to their own symptoms of stool, but the symptoms of stool can also reflect whether a person’s body is aging. According to the survey, about 1/3 of the elderly participating in the survey will have different degrees of constipation. Because the elderly are not qi and blood, the fluid loses losses, and the spleen and stomach function is weak, it cannot be transported normally. The intestinal function will dry up and form constipation.

Once the elderly have a dry stool and laborious to defecate, they must realize their aging, drink plenty of water, supplement dietary fiber, and speed up the excretion of feces.

Symptoms three night urine

The kidney hides essence, and when people are young, the essence is natural. Over time, the essence will gradually decrease. This is why the elderly have kidney deficiency. The kidneys are excreted by the main, and kidney deficiency will occur with more urine and urgency. Once you find that the number of nights at night increases, it is the sign of aging.

Of course, kidney deficiency is not an old man, and young people will also have kidney deficiency. Based on their physical condition, the elderly clarify the types of kidney deficiency, and use some drugs to nourish the kidney, which will alleviate such phenomena.

Symptoms, four bodies, worsening “adding age”

Due to the rise of age, the metabolism of people will slow down, and the waste in the body will be excreted from time to time, and it will accumulate in the body. Over time, it will emit a special sense of experience, that is, “the elderly”. Then there is the old man who often can’t hold urine. If you don’t change the washing frequently, it will also cause the body to taste.

The elderly do not have to make themselves look bright and beautiful. We must pay attention to changing clothes and bathing in their own hygiene.

Symptoms Five appear premature erectile erectile dysfunction

The function of the five internal organs will slowly decline with age, and the kidney represents the strength of sexual function. Generally speaking, after 30 years of age, men’s function decreases, decreased by 30%every 5 years. After entering the elderly, the level of male hormones drops, and the age of 50-70 is even more obvious. If you are young, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible and treat them early to avoid reproductive disorders.

Economic dysfunction is also one of the aging information. The elderly have poor physical strength and are not suitable for excessive sexual life. As long as the body has no other problems, normal sexual life can still be maintained. Pay attention not to overdo it and lose semen too much.

Aging is a physiological phenomenon that everyone must face. Early finding aging can correctly understand their physical condition. If you have symptoms of aging when you are young, you can adjust it through some healthy lifestyles and diet.

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