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You are still high in insulin blood glucose, which may be wrong with insulin pen.

If you use insulin therapy, after controlling diet and exercise, blood sugar is still high, which may be related to your insulin pen improperly. These errors are often ignored by diabetic patients. This article tells you the truth. A story tells you: How important is the correct use of insulin pens

Recently, a 68 -year -old female patient has a history of diabetes for 12 years. It has not taken hypoglycemic drugs regularly and has not regularly monitored blood sugar.

Two weeks ago, she was hospitalized due to cerebral infarction. During the period, the blood glucose was 16.2 mmol/L, and the blood glucose was 25.6 mmol/L in 2 hours after the meal. 30 insulin core (300U/3ml) 20u, 30 minutes before dinner in the morning and dinner.

After returning home, although the patient continued to continue insulin treatment in accordance with the doctor’s order, he did not follow the doctor’s injecting pen to inject insulin, but he used a 1ml syringe for insulin injection. In the early morning of the next day after discharge, the family found the patient’s coma. L, severe hypoglycemia occurred.

Although the doctor was actively regulated and eventually turned danger, it also sounded the alarm clock in diabetic patients and family members of the majority of insulin -the correct use of insulin pens. The difference between the syringe and the injection pen injection insulin

There is no difference in the composition of insulin injected with different devices, but the concentration is different:

The specifications of insulin pens (insulin pens) are 300U/3ml, 1ml contains 100 insulin units, and 1 small (0.1ml) contains 10 insulin units.

The insulin injected with insulin syringes is 400U/10ml, 1ml contains 40 insulin units, and 1 small (0.1ml) contains 4 insulin units.

If the patient uses a syringe to extract insulin in the insulin pen core, 1 small grid is actually 10 units, but the patient who is unaware is confirmed to be 1 small unit.

This patient needs to inject 20 units of insulin. She should use a syringe to extract 5 small grids of insulin, but she extracted insulin in the insulin pens. 5 grids are 50 units. Is it terrible!

Therefore, diabetic patients and family members must listen to the opinions of doctors. If it is not convenient to buy insulin injection pens, you can communicate with your doctor. The doctor will give you an insulin format for you to avoid the occurrence of the above tragedy.

Whether diabetic patients can correctly use insulin pens are closely related to the quality of blood glucose control. 7 injection errors cause blood sugar to fail to meet the standard

When the needle is installed, the needle and the pen are not equipped with the pen level.

There is a fear of patients during injection. The needle is not under the skin, and the injection site is shallow (injected into the skin), causing the absorption speed of the insulin medicinal solution.

The patient did not pinch the skin when injection of the insulin with a long specification. The insulin medicinal solution was injected into the muscle tissue.

Patients did not stop for 10 seconds after injection, causing waste and insufficient injection in the medicinal solution, causing blood sugar fluctuations.

It is not exhausted after installing the needle, resulting in insufficient insulin injection.

The pushing pole of the pen -pens of the insulin pen was not exposed to the plug of the insulin medicinal solution, resulting in the launch of no medicinal liquid during injection, and the patient thought that he had insulin.

Do not pull the needle after each injection to cause pollution and degeneration of the medicinal solution.

The above 7 errors may cause diabetic patients to use insulin, and blood sugar is still poorly controlled.

Therefore, diabetic patients and family members must listen to the opinions of regular hospital medical staff and correctly use insulin injection pen.

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Author: Ji Jingyuan Su Wenling

Unit: Department of Endocrinology, Tianjin Chest Hospital

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