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You can find abnormal semen in just 4 tricks

Semen examination is an important examination item that evaluates male fertility and reflects the occurrence of testicular sperm and the function of adenus. However, some clues in life can also help men find problems early and provide reference for early infertility problems.

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How much. Normal semen discharge is 2 to 6 ml, and the amount of semen is often related to ejaculation frequency. This quantity has a large evaluation error. If the amount of semen is too small for a long time, it may cause pregnancy difficulties. Excessive semen volume will reduce sperm density, which may be related to excessive abstinence or hyperthyroidism.

Hope color. The normal semen color is gray -white or milky white. If the abstinence time is long, the semen may be pale yellow; the elderly male semen is yellow; some semen is brownish yellow or blood, which is called blood se Iron, which prompts that it may be with urinary inflammation, reproductive tract damage, tumor or hyperplasia. Waiting for diseases, such as prostatitis, seminal vesicular prostate cancer, etc.; If the semen is transparent and sparse, it is indicated that the sperm density is small.

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See changes. The newly ejected semen is in a thick jelly. Generally, semen will be liquefied in 5 to 30 minutes, becoming a state of thin and transparent water -like water. After liquefaction, the sperm can achieve the maximum activity ability. If it is still not liquid after 1 hour, it is not liquefied by semen. It is more common in patients with prostate and seminal vesicles.

Smell the smell. Fresh semen has a special irritating smell, similar to the smell of gardenia flowers. If there is obvious odor, consider whether it is combined with infection.

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