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You can lose weight!Send you 6 kinds of weight loss walking method, which is very practical

“Did you see the hot search? He has at least 175cm tall, and we don’t have much weight yet (Smile · JPG)”

“I just saw it, so perverted, a man was even lighter than me. How can I live at 159 height and 110, Into closed …”

Yesterday, the topic of#completely exploded! Although for ordinary people, this height height is obviously unhealthy, but many stars are also good -looking in the filming, and it is also a helpless move to lose weight, muscle increase, and weight gain.

But then again, we are still envious of the effect of weight loss. Some people say that walking can achieve weight loss, and some people don’t take it for granted. In fact, how much do you have to go to achieve the effect of weight loss? Can walking really lose weight?

Studies have shown that walking can indeed play a role in consumption, but it depends on walking time and walking speed. There are also studies that 15 minutes of walking every day, consumed less than 100 kcal.

Some researchers conducted 5 years of follow-up of 6010 cases of 35-74-year-old Swiss adult men and women, and arranged for those who did not need to walk at a speed of 15-30 minutes of low-speed, medium speed, fast and high speed. As a result, the result Find:

Walking at a low speed every day for 15 minutes, it can only consume 9 kcal calories; walking at medium speed for 30 minutes per day, only 25 kcal calories can be consumed … In the end, the researchers concluded that the walking speed is more than 6000 steps per hour, and the duration of the duration It can achieve a significant weight loss effect by more than 45 minutes/time.

If you want to achieve the effect of weight loss, you must achieve these 5 points

Walking as a common way of exercise, in order to achieve the ideal fitness effect, we cannot walk casually as us ’s usual walking, but should pay attention to scientific methods. Therefore, if you want to achieve the effect of weight loss, you should do it when walking:

1. Studies have shown that walking at 7.5 km/h can consume the same heat as running. Therefore, in the process of walking, it should be gradually accelerated. Walk quickly for 30-60 seconds, accelerate to 5.6 km/h, and then walk at a medium speed for 5 minutes to increase the speed of metabolism.

2. The pace should be big. When walking, look up and hold your chest. Looking forward, your toes move forward hard, letting the muscles of the whole body move, and at the same time, the shoulder is axis, and the arm is hanging like a pendulum.

3. Appropriately take the slope and uneven pavement, increase the muscle training on the feet, and consume more calories, but pay attention to safety, wear comfortable shoes to avoid falling.

4. You must be persistent in walking. You ca n’t get fish for two days for three days. You can walk for 30 minutes a day. You can see the obvious weight loss effect after 2-3 months.

5. The length of walking daily should be 5-10 kilometers. It is appropriate to increase the intensity from less to more, but it must be measured and should not be excessive, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

It is reminded that you should do warm -up exercises before walking to avoid accidents such as sprains during walking. If the physical condition allows, you can try to walk loaded, carry professional exercise or mountaineering backpacks, pay attention to the weight of the weight cannot exceed 20%of your weight, so as not to cause damage to the waist and back.

Hundred steps after a meal, live to ninety -nine, the nutrition of food after meals is absorbed by the body, and blood sugar is rising. It is necessary to consume physical energy through exercise to avoid excess sugar into fat, causing overweight and obesity.

6 ways to walk to help you lose weight efficiently

Scientific walking methods can efficiently lose weight. The following ways of walking can effectively increase the calorie consumption and make you slim and healthy.

Ahead of the toes: When walking, keep your legs at 30cm, raise your hands up, spread your palms, your palms, walk with your toes, speed up the blood circulation of the toes, and exercise the muscles of the arms and calves at the same time.

Hurry up and kick your legs: walk a big step, let your hands flat, kick up while walking, then put down your hands, and walk in a small step, which can play a better skinny leg effect.

Cross -legged walking: Don’t go straight when walking, but the left leg towards the right leg, the right leg to the left leg, the legs cross, lengthen the legs of the legs.

Walking in the air road: When walking, look up and hold your chest, look ahead, clamp your butt, breathe with your abdomen, and do not swing your arms too much.

Foot feet: When most people walk, the center of gravity is close to one side of the feet, causing the other side to not get enough exercise. When the front foot is supported, he can kick back hard. This foot wipes to walk from the toe to the heel to get a comprehensive exercise.

Use the hip skills to walk: When walking, the hips move out, push your body forward with the power of the hips, relax your shoulders at the same time, slightly turn backwards, and expand your chest cavity.

In addition, you can prepare an appropriate amount of water when walking to facilitate timely replenishment of water. Patients with diabetes, hypertension, and dementia should also be alert to the occurrence of blood pressure and blood glucose in the process of walking, or they are lost.

Walking is a convenient, fast and effective fitness method, but if you want to achieve a good weight loss effect, you must not rely on your legs alone, but also control your mouth to reduce the intake of high -calorie and high -fat foods. The fruits and fruits, maintain a happy mood to have a healthy body.

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