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You can see the cervical spine health when you look at the eyebrows

The eyebrows are closely related to the cervical spine, mainly because the center of the eyebrows of the eyebrows is a pressure point of the cervical spine in seventh section. If there is a problem with the cervical spine, it will reflect the eyebrows through this pressure point. It can be judged by eyebrows.

The specific manifestations of the cervical problem of the eyebrow reaction

Rich eyebrow pores

The blackheads of the eyebrow heart are particularly thick because the cervical spine pressure is too high. Because here is the pressure point of the cervical spine in the seventh quarter. If the cervical spine is uncomfortable or stressed, the pores in this place will become thick.

Uneven eyebrows

The two eyebrows appear one high and one low, which is also one of the performances of the cervical spine. Due to the abnormality of the flexion of the cervical spine, various facial problems occur. In terms of appearance, you can see that the eyebrows of the face are uneven, the bridge of the nose is skewed, the proportion of the eyes is asymmetric, the nostrils are uneven, and the corners of the mouth are different.

Broken Pain

Cyber ​​heart pain is often accompanied by cervical pain, which is due to the pain caused by cervical bone hyperplasia.


The abnormal eyebrows fall off are mainly due to the position of the cervical spine. Because the biased cervical spine compresses the nerve root, the supply of the brain nervous system and the blood supply system is insufficient, the nutrition of the supply of the body’s hair is hindered, and the eyebrows fall off. At the same time, it can also be accompanied by hair loss.


Most of the sagging eyebrows is facial nerve paralysis caused by the internal and external disorders of the cervical spine. Balanced disorders inside and outside the cervical spine can cause inflammation, congestion, edema, and insufficient blood supply to the soft tissue, which causes the dysfunction of the ear surface and cause surface nerve paralysis.

Eyebal acne

Eyebal acne is mostly due to improper sitting posture caused by too much fatigue. Due to the incorrect sitting position or maintaining the same sitting position for a long time, the cervical spine is in a long -term forward fatigue state, and the back muscles are in an adverse state, which violates the normal cervical bonding physiological curve, which can easily cause fatigue of cervical spondylosis.

As long as the cervical spine is uncomfortable, the eyebrows will be “written” clearly like a health report. If you have a similar problem, it means that you have already posted a sub -health state, and your body is strongly demanding to decompress and relax.


(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu)

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