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You can stop in insulin. Are you suitable for stopping?

Can I stop in insulin? The answer is yes. Mr. Zhu was 75 years old. After 10 years of basic insulin, I stopped me. After half a year, not only the blood sugar control was better, but also lost 30 pounds of weight. Before, he was panting. Can’t breathe.

Why does insulin be discontinued

First of all, Nuo and Dragon belong to insulin promotion agent, which is used with insulin. The level of insulin in the body is easy to rise, resulting in high insulin ledmia, and weight is not easy to control.

Secondly, Mr. Zhu is in a state of obesity, with a height of 172 cm and a weight of 90 kg. He needs to control weight.

Third, there is hypoglycemia. Mr. Zhu’s blood glucose control is ideal, the empty stomach is 6-7mmol/L, and the meal is below 8 mmol/L. However, hypoglycemia before meals often appears.

There are two disadvantages of insulin and promoting agents: one is prone to hypoglycemia, and the other is that it is not easy to control. Mr. Zhu’s liver and kidney function are very good. You can stop insulin and take oral medicine.

Mr. Zhu was suspended for 6 months: 5-6 mmol/L on an empty stomach, 6-7 mmol/L after a meal, such standard blood sugar never had hypoglycemia.

Mr. Zhu’s perception

Now I do n’t have the trouble of hypoglycemia, I dare to go out for a long time and walk around. I used to eat a little later, the stomach was uncomfortable, and my sweaty was full of my eyes. I was very scary.

Dr. Kang, I have been in the insulin for more than ten years. At that time, everyone at the beginning of diabetes said that insulin had no side effects. After use, I could rest my islet cells. I started to let you stop until you stop.

I said: You are used for long -term insulin plus secretions, and high insulin ledmia has been presented in the body, so weight cannot be controlled. Now you understand what I said to you at the beginning: insulin also has side effects.

You are so perfect at present, you can stop the Akaba sugar per meal and half a tablet. After a period of time, if the blood glucose meets the standard, then consider stopping Sigerine and only leave Gehwa.

If you are at this age, the empty blood glucose is controlled at 6-7 mmol/L, and the blood glucose two hours after a meal is controlled at about 8mmol/L.

The diet is as rich as possible. In the middle of the two meals, you can eat a small amount of fruits in the middle of the two meals. Diabetes patients who eat fruits are later than the complications of the nervous system without fruit.

Who are suitable for discontinuation of insulin

I have persuaded a lot of sugar friends who have been playing insulin and no oral hypoglycemic drugs to stop insulin, including many young and middle -aged people, and there are indeed many stops, but some of me even if I spend my best. If you don’t move, some will never see me from hiding again again.

In fact, in the following circumstances, you can consider discontinuation of insulin or reducing the number of injections:

1. Obesity patients treated with insulin all year round, liver and kidney function is normal or mild, and blood glucose control is poor.

2. Diabetes combined with hypertension, hyperuricemia, blood lipid disorders, fatty liver and other metabolic syndrome as much as possible insulin, regardless of age.

3. Fully use premix insulin 30 treatment, often appear after meal blood glucose not to meet the standard, add insulin amount, so that those who have hypoglycemia before meals can be changed to oral medicinal hypoga Oral hypoglycemic drugs based on the two -meta.

4. The blood glucose control under the combination of long -acting insulin and oral hypoglycemic drugs. Even if the amount of insulin is not large, insulin can be considered if the amount of insulin is not large.

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5. Those who choose to inject insulin due to mild abnormalities of liver and kidney function, such as some patients with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C, have good or mild abnormalities without liver cirrhosis, and have completely oral hypoglycemic drugs to choose from.

Diabetes friends think about: Do you really need to use insulin treatment, can you re -adjust the plan to get rid of the inconvenience of injection of insulin and the problem of hypoglycemia?

Author: Kangyao Jie’s People’s Liberation Army 302 Hospital Endocrinology Department

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