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You need to buy plastic toys for your baby to achieve these 5 points

Plastic toys are bright in color, diverse and fascinating, and are welcomed by children and parents. However, parents must pay attention to the following points when buying plastic toys for their children to avoid buying bad plastic toys and affecting children’s health.

1. Look at the 3C certification and label description of the toy


3C certification is the abbreviation of Chinese compulsory product certification. The state stipulates that plastic toys must pass national compulsory product certification, that is, the “CCC” logo must be available. If there is no 3C certification on the product packaging, the product is a fake and shoddy product. However, the 3C logo is not a quality sign. It is just the most basic safety certification. It can only prove that the product is qualified and cannot prove that the product performance is excellent. In addition, it is necessary to check the label signs such as manufacturers, origin, main material ingredients, warning slogans, and product qualification certificates.

2. The smell of smelling plastic toys

The German Consumer Protection Center pointed out that if some children’s toys have a pungent smell, they should contain harmful substances, such as phenyl -methampite plasticizers. Therefore, it is recommended that you smell the smell when buying toys. Some experts suggest that you can wash and dry the toys first, and try to volatilize the smell of plastic as much as possible to reduce the peeling pigment and the heavy metal content in it. If plastic toys indicate high temperatures that can be tolerated, you can also cook the toys and then use it.

3. Look at the gloss and color of the toys

High -quality plastic toys are much better than inferior toys in the gloss and color. This is because high -quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, and the plastic itself is very shiny. Many inferior toys are usually made of “two materials” (that is, materials for recycling and recycling of waste plastic products). Although it is not necessary to ensure that the color is good, it is safe, but the gloss is poor, and the colorful color is a product with hidden safety hazards.

4. Look at the thickness of toy products

The biggest feature of plastic toys is that its finished products or parts are one -time injection molding. If the inner wall of the injection molding toys is too thin, it is easy to break and fall when young children are playing. Causes danger to the baby. Generally, the plastic wall of the corner or curved plastic wall is thicker than other places. This increases the damage to toy toy to the ground and reduce damage.

5. Try it

For safety reasons, parents are recommended to try it carefully when buying toys to see if there are hidden safety hazards and whether it is suitable for babies. When trying, you can shake the toys to see if each component is firm and whether there are small parts; or pull the toys with ropes to see if the length is appropriate; when choosing a sound toy, try whether its sound is over. Essence It is best to touch the corners of the toys to see if there are sharp objects to avoid scratching the baby.

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