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You need to know those things to go abroad

For medical examinations abroad, for the first time, the requirements for studying abroad are the requirements of the selection. As the first national regulatory document, in the “Several Interim Provisions on the State Education Commission on Students of Students Overseas”, which was reposted by the State Council in 1986, the State Council made physical, political, business, and foreign languages ​​as a basic condition for public abroad. The health status of all kinds of overseas students must meet the prescribed standards of studying abroad, and the provincial and municipal first -level hospitals must be inspected and obtained a certificate of health (the validity period of the certificate). Many people do not know what requirements for medical examinations abroad, what they need to prepare, introduce the need for medical examinations abroad, and make a prompt for those who are preparing to go abroad. Do not do things blindly. So do I know those things to go abroad?

Instructions for medical examinations:

1. The items brought:

ID card or passport, medical examination form, cash (different medical examination hospitals are different, about 900 yuan)

2. Precautions

1. You can eat in the morning for medical examinations, but don’t eat too sweet things.

2. It is best not to smoke within a week before the physical examination.

3. Many hospitals need to make an appointment in advance, and only need to leave their own name.

4. Fill in the medical examination form before the physical examination.

5. If no one is accompanied, you can store your valuables into the hospital’s safe. (free)

Third, physical examination procedure

Start the medical examination at 8:30 in the morning. The medical examination personnel need to fill in the application form of the medical examination hospital first, and pay the physical examination fee after review. Exam on the application form, the medical examination form, and the payment receipt, and then wait in line to wait for the physical examination. Doctors will ask you to change to uniform inspection clothing, test height, weight, eyesight, urine tests. Then be brought into the attending physician’s room, he will test your body and test if you have trauma, and then ask if you have had surgery or other major illnesses before. The last one is to shoot X -rays. Hospital staff will lead a group of people to shoot. The process is fast, less than a minute. After completion, the physical examination is over.

Fourth, physical examination results

Many hospital medical examination hospitals can call the results of the medical examination that night, and a few hospitals can even see the results of the medical examination at that time.

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5. Physical examination review

If you have a problem with your urine test or X -ray, the hospital will not immediately send the unqualified medical examination to the embassy, ​​but requires you to review at the time or in the next few days until you determine whether there is a problem.

(Editor in charge: Wang Huiming Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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