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You should learn about the common sense of children’s leisure food purchase

Children are important consumer groups of casual foods. For the health of the baby, when buying snacks for children, you should learn about some common sense.

Puffed food

Snow cakes, potato chips, shrimp strip, shrimp slices, chicken strips, corn sticks … These foods are colorful, eye -catching, eye -catching, advertising promotion is eye -catching, winning the favor of children.

The main problem of influencing foods in influence foods is bacterial pollution, such as the over -the -LE of the colonic flora, and the increased peroxide value caused by fat corruption contained in puffed foods. These can cause children’s gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea and liver damage. The state and local quality and technical supervision departments will conduct some tests on a regular basis. Moms and dads should pay attention to relevant information to avoid buying unqualified products.

When buying puffed foods, you must choose the product names, ingredients, net content, factory name, site, production date, product standards and shelf life, and try to buy some large shopping malls and supermarkets with good reputation.

In order to prevent puffed foods from being squeezed and broken, and preventing product oil oxidation and acid failure, many puffed food packaging bags must be filled with gas. European and American countries have regulations that are required to be equipped with nitrogen. It is clean, non -toxic, and dry, which can ensure the long -term discoloration, taste and safety of puffed foods.

However, because there are no relevant regulations in my country, many manufacturers use compressing air. The water content of compressed air is higher than normal air, which will cause the taste of puffed food in the bag. Internal lubrication oil is turned into a fog, sprayed into the packaging bag, attached to the inside of the packaging bag, and stained on puffed food.

Therefore, when buying puffed foods, if you find that there is a nitrogen on the packaging bag, you can rest assured. If the packaging is discouraged, it is not appropriate to buy it.

Reminder: Many children love puffed food. Fat, carbohydrates, and protein are the main components of puffed foods. Although the flavor of puffed food is delicious, from the perspective of component structure, it belongs to foods with high oil, high calories, and low crude fiber.

There are certain defects from the analysis of diet structure, and only occasionally eat it. Long -term consumption of puffed foods can cause high oil and heat inhalation, and insufficient inhalation of crude fiber. If the exercise is insufficient, it will cause fat accumulation and obesity. Children eat large amounts of puffed foods, prone to malnutrition, and puffed foods are generally high -salt and high monosodium glutamate, which will cause children to easily lead to hypertension and cardiovascular disease.


Biscuits are divided into crispy biscuits, crispy biscuits, cookie biscuits, sandwich biscuits, prestige biscuits, egg rolls, etc. Consumers should choose products produced by large supermarkets and well -known enterprises when buying; second, to buy products with good packaging quality, good product packaging can avoid secondary pollution caused by circulation; Products, it is best to be recently produced.


Jelly is a favorite food for children. Due to its rich profits and relatively simple processing, many small companies have joined the production team to develop such products rapidly, and at the same time, they also bring about uneven product quality.

When buying jelly, one must choose the product name, ingredient list, net content, factory name, site, production date, product standard and shelf life, etc., and try to buy some large shopping malls and supermarkets with good reputation. , To ensure that you buy better quality products;

Second, it depends on the color of jelly. Those colorful jelly often adds more pigments. Although it is very tempting, it is harmful to the child’s eating too much. Preservatives and sweeteners in products are artificially synthetic additives, and too much consumption is also harmful.


When buying candy, you should start from the following aspects: the appearance of the candy, the color should be normal, uniform, bright, the aroma is pure, the taste is strong, and there must be no other odor. The surface is bright and smooth, the pattern is clear, the size is thick and uniform, and there is no obvious deformation; the candy should have no impurities visible to the naked eye.

硬糖:坚脆型糖果的组织表面应光亮透明,不粘包装纸,无大气泡和杂质;酥脆型糖果应色泽洁白或有该品种应有的色泽,酥脆,不粘牙,不粘纸, There are uniform pores on the section.

Toffee: The surface of glue candy should be smooth, delicate and lubricated, moderate and hard -and -hard, non -sticky teeth, non -stick paper, elasticity; non -glue candy surface is delicate, uniform crystals, not rough, soft and hard, not sticky, non -sticky Teeth, non -stick paper.

Fundan: Ajacin candy is soft and moderate, does not stick to teeth, without hard skin, of which crystal fudge is bright and transparent, not soft, and slightly elastic.

Point starchy candy mouth is tough, non -sticky, non -sticky paper, slightly chewy, sugar surface with uniform fine sand grains, translucent of sugar, sorghum crickets are elastic, and half of the extension can shrink. Back to the original shape; the surface of the gelatin type candy is smooth and delicate, without wrinkles, and it is elastic, and the entrance is soft.

Cross -hearted sugar: Crispy heart -type candy sugar skin is thick and uniform, non -sticky, non -sticky paper, no broken skin stuffing, loose and crispy, neat silk pattern, clear sandwich levels; , Non -stick paper, no broken skin stuffing, crispy skin, delicate stuffing; powder -hearted candy sugar sugar skin is thick and uniform, crispy, non -sticky, non -stick paper, without broken skin leakage heart.

Pure chocolate candy: smooth surface, luster, white, tight section, no obvious pores of more than 1 mm, the taste is delicate and lubricated, does not live, no rough feeling.<!-3684: Parenting terminal page

Skill chocolate candy: smooth surface, shiny, white, uniform coating, but thick or too thin, various sandwich chocolate candy has its own unique taste.

Reminder: The sick baby eats less sugar.Eating more sweets will have an adverse effect on the immunity of the sick. The traditional Chinese medicine argument of “Gan can hurt the spleen” is about this reason.Under normal circumstances, the average phagocycal germ ability of a white blood cell in the human blood is 14. After eating a sugar bun, it becomes 10, after eating a piece of sugar, becomes 5, after eating a piece of cream chocolate, it becomes 2, drink a glass of bananas sweetAfter the soup, it is 1.The harm of sweets to immunity is sufficient.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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