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Your baby is in the 24th month

Physiological characteristics:

At the age of two, the boy weighs 9.9 ~ 15.2 kg, and the length is 80.9 ~ 94.4 cm. The girl is 9.4 ~ 14.5 kg, and the length is 79.9 ~ 93.0 cm. 16 tooth. The head surround is about 47 cm, and the bust is greater than the head circumference.

Development indicator:

Walking steadily, preliminarily learning the movement of both feet. Being able to speak simple words, understand simple pictures under the guidance of adults, like pictures; can distinguish more and less, large and small; can explore the orientation of the space, and understand the several natural phenomena in life.

Nursing Guide:


400 ~ 600 ml of milk, one egg, more than the first half of the year.

Children have partial eaten phenomena. Do not care too much. Try to develop other foods, as long as the nutrition is balanced.

Arrange three meals a day, and add snacks once on and afternoon.

Add some crispy steamed buns, dry bread and hard snacks to enhance the chewing function, which is conducive to teeth growth.

Snacks should not be too sweet and too greasy.

Pay attention to add water to your child. According to the body weight, 100 ~ 150 ml of water per kilogram, in addition to milk and water in the rice, add a certain amount of water.


Sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day, sleep twice during the day.

Train your child to eat, take a bowl of urination, take off shoes, take off your hat.

Choose high -quality children’s leather shoes, do not wear soft base shoes.

Train your child with a toothbrush.

At this time, children’s beds are common at night, so they don’t have to wake the child to pee.

It is best to take a bath and change clothes every day.


After one and a half years old, there is no need to add toys for children, and children will play toys that have been played before.

Children prefer listening to music and repeatedly listen to their familiar nursery rhymes;

Patience with Crayon on paper is also patient.

The time to play blocks is also long.

Looking at the album with taste.

Children who love sports can buy him a children’s car.

Playing in a spacious place, parents try to take their children out as much as possible, even if walking is more fun than being played at home.

Immunization plan:

In the age of 1 and a half-year-old, babies can vaccinate the Bai Bai Cracket Vaccine (Strengthening) and Spinal Cord Gray Flame Sugar Pills (part).

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39 Parenting Tips:

The child’s destruction ability is enhanced. Pay attention to checking the child’s toys frequently to see if the damaged place will cut your fingers or hurt your eyes.

(Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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