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Your baby is in the 30th month

Physiological characteristics:

The height of the 30-month-old baby can be between 90.3-91.7 cm and weighs between 12.55-13.13 kg. The baby now has 20 teeth. With the development of big movements, the baby can already wear and take off simple clothes, and can stand on one foot for a long time.

Development indicator:

With the development of the big movement, the baby can already wear and take off the simple opening of the clothes, stand on one foot for a long time, and can go smoothly on the road, but he (she) still pulls your hand on his hand. The baby’s fine movements are also more detailed. With the encouragement of the mother, now he (her) can draw the word “ten” and square, unlock the button on the clothes, and open the closed lock at the end.

Nursing Guide:

The scope of the baby’s activity is continuously expanded, and the cognitive ability has also improved accordingly. He (she) especially needs friends. From other children, the baby can get a lot of life experience. To play a game together, the mother should take the baby out of the house and find a few good partners for the lonely baby.

Sometimes you are tired of your baby to do it, because he (she) often makes the room messy and messy. Don’t be scared by this messy and noisy. It is often the beginning of the baby’s creativity. You can educate your baby to treat the cleaning room as part of the game. Each time the tailing project is to clean up the room. The baby may not be able to clean up. It doesn’t matter. You can accompany him (her) to clean up several times and slowly cultivate him ) The conditioning, when the baby grows up, will recognize this method. Although the “work” that the baby has worked hard, although it looks very clumsy, he (she) is still looking forward to your praise and recognition, and your appreciation will give him or her confidence to create again.

Talking to the baby is an essential educational content for parents every day. Now you can conduct vocabulary education on your baby. For example, the baby said: “Ant”, then you can tell him (her) Dozens of times the object, it is a strong man. “” Ant moves to rain “, etc., often saying complex vocabulary and sentences to the baby can help the baby learn the language faster. Singing is a common hobby of each baby. Now the baby has sang 2-3 songs, and the seasonal shooting, melody, and vomiting are more accurate.

Immunization plan:

Between the age of 2 and 3, the baby does not have a special vaccination, but at the age of 4, he vaccinate the spinal gray type vaccine (enhanced). During this period, you need to check your baby regularly to accurately grasp the child’s health.

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39 Parenting Tips:

Do you start training your baby? If you haven’t started training yet, then start now.

(Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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