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Your baby is in the 36th month

Physiological characteristics:

The baby is three years old, and he has a big leap in both his body and mind. The average weight of the baby is between 13.44-13.95 kg, and the normal average value of height is between 94.2-95.1 cm.

Development indicator:

At present, the child’s ability to exercise is very strong. Due to the large amount of exercise, the baby’s muscles are very strong and flexible. Now that the baby has a good balance, he will shoot, catch and roll the ball, but it is still difficult to catch the ball. And can play with some big buttons, buckles and zippers. The baby’s sense of space is improved quickly. It can successfully pour water and rice into another cup, and rarely sprinkle it.

Nursing Guide:

Children’s exploration of new things often makes you tired of cope, which shows that the baby’s curiosity is stronger. Answer his questions patiently and complete intellectual development in the process of observation, learning, inquiry and understanding. I do n’t know how to answer questions to check books and information with the baby. This can also teach the baby to learn.

Immunization plan:

Between the age of 2 and 3, the baby does not have a special vaccination, but at the age of 4, he vaccinate the spinal gray type vaccine (enhanced). During this period, you need to check your baby regularly to accurately grasp the child’s health.

39 Parenting Tips:

As the saying goes: I look at the age of three, and I look old at the age of seven. The performance of the baby’s all aspects is familiar with parents, and different interests and personality differences have been revealed.

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Use chopsticks as soon as possible to eat

Human activity is commanded by the brain, and the fine and complicated finger activity has made the brain work frequently, making the brain exercise and developed. When using chopsticks to eat, the joints and muscles of the fingers and arms can move nearly a thousand times in a short period of time. They must also be done hard and coordinated in order to smooth the food into the mouth.

(Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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