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Your baby is in the 72nd month

Physiological characteristics:

At the age of six, the boy weighed 16.0 ~ 29.9 kg, and he was 106.4 ~ 125.8 cm in length. The girl weighs 15.0 ~ 26.2 kg, and the length is 104.8 ~ 124.5 cm.

Development indicator:

Knowing a few days a week, you can know the clock calendar;

Can identify 3-5 geometry and understand the relationship between face and body;

Can find the cause and effect of simple things, you will judge the reasoning and form a concept of conservation;

It will speculate that the psychological activities and inner thoughts of the characters in the story;

Being able to change your wishes consciously for others and collectively;

Personality, generous, cheerful, confident, and dare to compete;

Will do some simple labor.

Nursing Guide:


200 ~ 400 ml of milk, one egg.

Don’t let children develop food habits of fried, pickled, and smoked.

Pay attention to thick details, vegetarian and meat, dry and thin, to ensure the balance of nutrition.

When making, try to reduce nutritional loss in food. For example, vegetables should not be fried for too long, and pasta to make large cake nutritional loss.

Cold drinks should not drink too much.

After the child returns from the kindergarten, add some snacks appropriately.

Give your child enough water.


Guarantee 10 to 12 hours of sleep.

Clothing should be comfortable, easy to exercise, penetrate and take off.

Pay attention to hygiene, brush your teeth every morning and evening, try to take a bath every day.

The living room should be ventilated, and the bedding is often sunny and keeps clean.

Education strategy:

Create the opportunity to associate with children for children to encourage children to associate with children.

Cultivating children’s skills to listen to others is a manifestation of good cultivation and personality quality.

Cultivate children’s interest in performing, digging children’s conscious potential, so that they have good artistic cultivation and quality.

Letting children enter nature is conducive to cultivating children’s good temperament.

Read more stories of phenomena for children and develop children’s creative thinking. Don’t pour cold water for your children.

Pay attention to the cultivation of children’s moral consciousness. In life, tell the child clearly what is right, what is wrong, so that the child will form a understanding of public morality. Help children analyze what has happened and let children understand the consequences of their behavior. Let your child pay attention to observation, learn to judge yourself, good and evil.

Praise the child not to be too much. Children who grew up in too much praise cannot distinguish serious, bad, good or bad, success and failure.

Let children learn to respect others and be polite and educated children.

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39 Parenting Tips:

Some preparations for admission should be made: exercise to enable children to learn healthily; train children to participate in collective activities happily; enable children to know that school learning requires energy concentration; Pay attention to the diet! From porridge and soft food to ordinary diet, it should still avoid irritating foods such as too greasy or hot and sour, avoid excessive food, three meals and plus one more a day. Food protein: carbohydrate = 1: 1; fat: carbohydrate = 1: 6, pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, diverse. At the age of 6-7, we must strengthen immunity, mainly include: Bai Bai Po strengthened 1 needle, measles vaccine, enhanced brain vaccine, and cardiac seedlings.

(Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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