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Your mole in your palm, you may have to show the doctor

“Where do you always remember your moles?” Many people have heard this song; the folk also says: there are moles in the palm of the palm of Jinshan Yinshan, and there is a mole to the sky at the bottom of the feet; People. But in fact, moles that grow in different places not only cannot mean that you will get rich or have any good marriage. If you grow in a bad place, it may be a dangerous signal.

As a common benign skin tumor, the size of moles generally does not exceed 6mm. The emergence of a mole is often formed by melanocytes in the skin or particles secreted by melanocytes, which accumulate and increase. There are many types of moles. Among them, the most common is limited moles. Due to the different positions of the mole in the skin, it is divided into the following three types:

Internal mole (rarely changes in evil): grow stably in the dermis, very common;

The junction mole (possibility of evil changes): Long between the epidermis and the leather, it feels flat;

Mixed moles (possibilities may be changed): The products with mixed moles above do not touch, rub, pinch it often.

In addition, there are other types of moles, such as giant moles caused by congenital melanin, melasma, freckles, and halo moles that grow on cheeks and foreheads.

There is a mole on the body. It is generally affected by congenital inheritance and development defects. However, the more moles on some people, the longer the more and more, which may be related to the factors of the day after tomorrow. Clinically, about 60%of malignant melanoma changes from moles. For Asians, melanoma is mostly at the end of the limb. We need to pay more attention to the moles of our palms, soles of the feet, and nails. Although the cancer of melanin mole is not high, the mortality and early cure rate for melanoma are very high for melanoma. , So identify as early as possible.

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Natural moles: Generally, there are birth, neat edges, no mixed colors, and no significant changes have occurred for more than 10 years.

Moles of malignant: It is a mole that is prone to cancer, and usually has the following five characteristics: asymmetric, mostly irregular, divided into two o’clock, two halves look asymmetric; Seng tooth -like; color changes, manifested as dirty black, may also be brown, brown black, blue, pink, etc. Among them, they should be particularly alert to blue; Growing up, pigment moles with diameter greater than 1cm are best removed; bulging, some early melanoma tumors can have a slight bulge above the skin surface.

In addition, if there is a mole on the body in the short term, the area is sharply increased, the mole surface is urged, the pain is obviously pain, or the satellite mole (that is, a small mole with a little star around the stars around), you also need to be alert to cancer. If you can’t distinguish the mole on your body well, or the condition of the mole on your body is consistent with the above malignant mole, please seek medical treatment in time and seek a doctor’s professional diagnosis and treatment.

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