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Yu Xiaoguang denied derailment and said that he was an acquaintance with women!Married men, please grasp the distance from the opposite sex

I was embraced intimately with the woman! Yu Xiaoguang denied derailment, saying that he was an acquaintance with women

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On the evening of July 14th, Yu Xiaoguang was photographed in late at night to sit on the thigh and was suspected of derailment. On the 15th, Yu Xiaoguang South Korean brokerage company responded: “This is an occasional incident that happened in the process of meeting with acquaintances in May. The video appeared in the video. This response did not pay for netizens, and it was ridiculous to post a scolding response: “Can neighbor friends sit on the thighs of a married man?”, “I don’t believe it!”



Yu Xiaoguang Fang declares (source: network: network)

It is reported that this time it was not Yu Xiaoguang being photographed closely with the opposite sex. In 2016, Yu Xiaoguang was photographed holding hands with the beauty. The relationship between loved ones is better than loved ones, but later deleted this Weibo, which caused controversy.

As the exemplary couples who have attracted much attention in the entertainment industry, Yu Xiaoguang and Qiu Po ​​-Hyun have many CP powder in China and South Korea. If derailment is true, I believe that many netizens will be disappointed.

Married men, please grasp the distance from the opposite sex

We do n’t know if Yu Xiaoguang is derailed, but as a married man, grasping the distance from the opposite sex is the basic respect for his wife.

1. Putting up attitude


The married man must first correct his attitude, learn self -restraint, do not have thoughts, let alone indulgence. When you get married, you must be responsible for his wife to the family to the child.

2. Don’t be too close to the opposite sex

The intimate behavior can only be done with intimate relationships. Holding hands, holding your waist, sitting on your thighs, eating the same bowl of snacks, and drinking the same cup of beverages. These are not a married man who can do it with friends of the opposite sex. “It’s not a loved ones”, it sounds more like an excuse.

3. Do not date separately with the opposite sex

Some men will dating, eating, and watching movies alone. It is common for friends to eat and watch movies between friends, but if you have a partner, please try to avoid this behavior, especially with your partner for dating. Whether you have a strangeness or not, such behavior will bring unhappiness to your partner.

Marriage requires the joint maintenance of both husbands and wives, and it is necessary to grasp the size, so that such a marriage can go longer.

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