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“Zhen Huan Biography” concubines and concubine dietary maintenance scriptures

Queen Cai Shaofen pork bone soup delays aging

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The pork bone soup is cold and cold, the strength of the strength, the weakness, and the strong bones.

Pork bone is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, as well as a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, bone sticky protein, etc., which can enhance skin elasticity and slow down body aging.

The pork bone carbon research powder is warm and has the effect of antidiarrheal and stomach bone.

Zhen Huan Sun Li lily increases skin elasticity

Lily mainly contains a variety of alkaloids and nutrients such as alkalin and autumn water. It has good nutritional nourishing skills, especially for weakness and other symptoms.

Trace elements such as selenium and copper in lilies can resist oxidation and promote the absorption of vitamin C, which can significantly inhibit the mutation effect of romancin.

Fresh plant mucus has a certain enhancement effect on skin cell metabolism, which can stimulate cell regeneration and maintain skin elasticity.

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